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At Riker's, Sarah, sitting with Chukwei, says Amani is lying, so the detectives point out the death threat came from their own computer. She uses the "we needed more protection" excuse, but the detectives figure she wanted Chukwei to drop out of testifying so they'd stop investigating Nikkiel's murder. Chukwei believes the detectives, so Sarah drops the pretense and blames Chukwei for bringing Nikkiel into the marriage in the first place. Sarah could accept Amani (big of her, given that Amani was there first) but she says he didn't have to marry Nikkiel. Chukwei disbelievingly points out he did it to save her. "You didn't have to fall in love with her," she says, caresses his cheek. An angry Chukwei slaps her hand away, and yells for the guards, who take him away, while Elliot and Olivia handcuff Sarah, who's screaming that King deserves to go to prison, not Chukwei.

Which is how it looks like things are going to end up; Chukwei testifies against D-King, who ill-advisely loses his shit, flipping over the table and threatening to kill everyone. Reminds me of my high school prom... Elliot tackles D-King, because the bailiffs on this show always need the stars to bail them out. As the judge clears the courtroom, Olivia asks Chukwei, holding Amani, if he's OK. "Yes. I am no longer afraid," he says. Which made me worry that we were leading up to one of those "detectives/lawyers kick back and savour the victory until they get a phone call telling them the crucial witness has just been shot," but yay! Happy ending! Wu-Tang!

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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit




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