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Did she say "Nikki Braithwaite"? I think she meant to say, "Fairuza Balk in The Craft," because that's who the gothed-up girl holding court outside with a bunch of other black-clad losers with asymmetrical haircuts looks like. It's not hard to make Elliot for a cop, and he identifies himself as Kathleen's father. "And you're here to tell me I'm a bad influence on Daddy's little girl?" says Nikki. Elliot scares the rest of My Chemical Romance away before questioning Nikki, who tries to walk away. Elliot snatches the backpack off her back, and searches it, much to Nikki's chagrin, and he finds some coke hiding under some tampons in a silver case. As he's arresting her, she tells him she's an undercover cop, and gives her real name and badge number. Then she tells him to make the arrest look good, or else he'll blow her cover, and her captain will have Elliot's "ass for breakfast." Some threat -- Elliot gets another between-episodes suspension?

Looks like Nikki's story checks out, because she's now chatting with Elliot over coffee back at the squad room, telling him she's been undercover at Hudson since the fall as part of a big operation, since there have been three ODs there recently. Elliot can't believe Nikki targeted Kathleen knowing Elliot was a cop, but Nikki says they weren't targeting Nikki, because she's not dealing, just getting high. A lot. She suggests getting Kathleen into rehab, and she'll be back to straight As next semester. Yes, it's just that easy! Elliot makes a face.

One snag though, which we find out from Kathy, who's just shown up at the precinct, all upset: Kathleen's disappeared. Nikki says there's an abandoned Laundromat on Second and A where Hudson students go to get high.

Sure enough, when Elliot and Fin arrive, they find Kathleen unconscious, in her underwear, under some guy, also passed out. They slam Buddy against the wall, much to his chagrin, but Elliot can't rouse his daughter: she's ODed, and Elliot hoists her onto his shoulders and carries her out.

What's wrong with you people? I can't watch this! I can't! Oh, God. Elliot watches medical staff at St. Mark's induce vomiting in his daughter, at least until a nurse comes along and closes the blinds.

Later the doctor tells Elliot and Kathy that Kathleen's very sick (wow, no wonder they pay him the big bucks), and that they think she's self-medicating to deal with bipolar disorder. "My daughter's not crazy," says Elliot, being his usual helpful self. The doctor figures she'll have a normal life if they get her on lithium, and Elliot bolts, telling Kathy he needs some air.

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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit




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