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It's late at night, and some scruffy guy who looks like a non-gay Rip Taylor is hacking at the brush with some kind of machete. "Come out, come out, wherever you are," he says. He attracts the interest of a nearby cop, but the guy says he's just going after some "nasty creature." The cop's flashlight picks up a bloodied girl lying in the bushes, pants pulled down around her ankles. "Help me," she moans.

When Benson and Stabler arrive, the cop tells them the victim is Ashley Tyler, and she's 16. "I caught your mook red-handed," says the cop proudly, pointing out "Cyrus Wert" and holds up the "murder weapon." Stabler admires his enthusiasm but points out that since the woman isn't dead, that's not a murder weapon. "Also, since this is the opening sequence, it's not going to be that simple." The cop says, "Do I get any more scenes in this episode?" Stabler just smiles and goes to talk to Cyrus, who admits to owning the machete but says he was only using it to kill rats and squirrels. Stabler warns Cyrus not to lie to him, since his partner is in the ambulance with the girl, who's going to tell them who attacked her. "Pssst! Opening sequence!" the cop reminds Stabler.

And in the ambulance, Ashley (played by Shareeka Epps, who stars in Half Nelson, which in a weird coincidence I just finished watching) is being less than co-operative, meaning she yells at Benson to leave her alone, and starts knocking shit all around the ambulance. She's sedated by the EMT (but she gets off a "go to hell" in Olivia's direction). The EMT says, "I've never seen a rape victim attack a cop." "Neither have I," says Olivia. Because in the history of the show, victims are always one hundred percent thrilled to talk to the police.

At the hospital Ashley's foster parents have no idea where she went last night, and haven't been her foster parents long enough to know if she's got emotional problems, but they do know she was abused. In Ashley's room, her foster parents try to comfort her, but she flinches at her foster father's touch, then gripes about Olivia being in the room. Olivia needs a consent form signed to release the rape kit evidence, but Ashley freaks out about having been touched while she was asleep. Olivia does her best to explain that the sooner they get investigating the better, but Ashley wants her gone, so her foster parents ask Olivia to leave.

In Cragen's office, Olivia theorizes that Ashley's reluctance indicates she was raped by someone she knows, and she likes the foster dad for it. Cragen's not particularly broken up by Ashley's refusal to co-operate, and gives Olivia and Elliot until the end of the day to come up with something.

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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit




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