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Ashley's giving the same story to Olivia, saying they were just sleeping in the bed. "All you people think about is sex. He didn't abuse me. He loved me."

The story that shakes out is this: the drugs are legit, and the pot is for pain. Ashley's mother's not a drug dealer; she was just buying the pot for Ricky, and it's because she got caught with his pot that he's fighting for custody of Ashley. So get her to tell us what happened, says Elliot. "This is way above your pay grade, man," says Ricky, who doesn't want to say any more. Elliot figures out that's because Ricky knows who did it to her. "You're only going to protect him," says Ricky.

So it's a cop? Prison guard, says Ricky, at Risa's (Ashley's mom) prison. He forced Risa to supply him with drugs, which he deals to the inmates. Ricky was the one getting it to her, but Risa made him stop so he could get clean in order to get custody of Ashley. And Ashley confirms that when the drug pipeline dried up, he raped Ashley in retaliation. Ashley says he told her, "'I gave your mother a message, but she wouldn't listen. Now I'm giving it to you.' Then he raped me." Ashley agrees to release the rape kit, and Olivia promises to protect her. Ashley wants to know who's going to protect her mom: "He's raping her too." Well, if you haven't seen any previews for this episode, I think maybe the title gives away who's going to be protecting Risa.

Bad news: When Olivia and Elliot go to the hospital to pick up the rape kit, they find someone else has already picked it up, but the nurse on duty was too busy to make sure the person she thought was a cop actually signed for it. The badge number he left, though, turns out to be New York Corrections, but it's a retired number. "Without that rape kit, we got nothing," says Cragen. Except Risa Tyler, points out Elliot.

Since Risa's not likely to risk being seen talking to a cop for fear of reprisal, Elliot puts on a suit (calm yourself, ladies) and pretends to be her lawyer so he can meet with her. He tells her about the attack on Ashley. "You gotta keep her safe! Promise me!" she tells Elliot. Not that she's willing to give Elliot the name of the guard. Then she gets dragged off by a mean prison guard saying, "Visitation's over."

Turns out contraband -- drugs and a shiv -- was found in Risa's cell, and she's going into solitary, the warden tells Elliot, still under the impression Elliot's a lawyer. Elliot flashes his badge, and the warden gets pissed at his little charade. Elliot's all, I impersonated a lawyer, but you got a rapist working for you. He asks for a list of all the guard with abuse complaints, but she won't give it without a warrant, since her co-operation doesn't extend to violating her employees' privacy. Oh, and given the security cameras everywhere and the prisons zero-tolerance policy on drugs, she says Sealview's clean: "Nobody's raping anyone." We have that on a plaque at my office! Seems to have improved things. Elliot, who from a previous life knows something about prison sex and rape, doesn't appear convinced.

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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit




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