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Meanwhile, Ashley's back in the hospital. Elliot's worried when he sees Warner there. "Is she dead?" he asks, and it must be nice for Warner to realize that her colleagues see her as the Angel of Death. She explains that she's just there as a public health official because Ashley has multi-drug-resistant TB, which is deadly if it's at an advanced stage. Elliot remembers that Ashley was coughing yesterday, and Warner tells him he needs to get tested. Olivia too. Elliot's all, yeeeahhh, that's going to be a problem, what with Olivia undercover at Sealview. Warner says Sealview has just been locked down because six cases have been found there, and they surmise that Ashley probably picked it up from the guard when he raped her.

Elliot gets on his cellphone to tell Fin to get Olivia out of there, and Fin says he can't because of the lockdown. Fin's prison captain pops into the locker room to report for a TB test, so Fin says into the cellphone, "I'll take care of it, baby. Love you too."

Fin's in the lineup behind Parker (of course), who says it's going to take three days for the test results to come back, and they have to stay there until then. Fin bitches, but Parker isn't sweating it. "Night shift has its benefits, get what I'm saying?" Fin doesn't say anything, and Parker says he's got his eye on that "fish" that Fin tangled with. Man, this is the most wildly successful undercover operation ever. Forget the weeks and months usually needed to gain trust!

Parker strolls off, but Fin can't follow, because the nurse has run out of syringes and has to go back to the dispensary to get them. Fin's ordered to stay put.

The mess hall has been turned into a testing centre, and Olivia crabs about the lockdown with Shawna and some other inmate, until "Officer Friendly" comes over and orders Olivia to come with him. She refuses, and then she and Shawna and the other chick start a minor riot over wanting some answers about what's going on. Parker manages to get Olivia's arms behind her back, and he handcuffs her as riot squad hustles into the room. The captain watches what's going on.

After the commotion has died down, he walks over to Parker and Olivia and asks who started it. "This one," says Parker. "Looks like you're going to the hole," says the captain, leading her away. Parker looks slightly nervous.

Oh, it's a switcheroo! The captain's not talking her to the hole at all, but to some dank basement corridor, where he tells Olivia to shut up and do as she's told. Olivia finally notices a couple of mattresses against a wall. "No, no, no," she protests, as the captain says he wants what every guy wants, and she's going to give it to him. Relax, Olivia. I think he just wants a beer.

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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit




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