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And here it comes: a lawyer on behalf of the corrections officers union shows up so "this decorated officer" won't be smeared in an attempt to justify their "sleazy undercover operation." Harris and Parker both tested negative for TB, and Ashley's infection was traced back to a group home. "He almost killed me!" says Olivia, and the lawyer says Harris didn't know she was a cop, and corrections officers have every right to strike an inmate to force compliance. "But not the right to try and rape me!" yells Olivia. Yeah, does the lawyer really want to argue this one in court? "She's lying," says Harris, much calmer and more confident now. The lawyer assures Olivia that Sealview's investigating the allegations, but Harris is going home. They leave, and Olivia tells Cragen that this isn't over. She thinks maybe Ashley can identify him, but Cragen tells her Ashley's taken a turn for the worse.

And later, Olivia sits at her desk and stares at a picture of Harris. Elliot comes over to commiserate, saying she'll get him, but Olivia says he'll most likely be transferred and promoted. Elliot asks what happened in the basement. "Nothing," she says, and Elliot gives her the Smouldering Gaze of You Can Tell Me, and Olivia just says she's fine. Her phone rings, and she's off to the hospital, because Ashley's awake.

Ashley's in an isolation booth. Turns out she's going to be fine. Thank heaven for small mercies. She tells Olivia that she wants him to die for what he did to her and her mom, but she doesn't think she can ID him because she never saw his face. "But you saw his body," says Olivia, and asks if there was anything unusual about Harris's penis, like a scar or tattoo or anything. Ashley thinks about it. "He has a big mole," she says.

Apparently that's good enough, because Olivia and Elliot march down the corridor with the warden in tow, who tells the detectives to get him out of the prison. The detectives arrest him while the inmates cheer.

Warner takes a picture of Harris with his pants down. "Captain, huh? You look more like a private to me," says Elliot, and I'd really like to ask what Elliot's overcompensating for, what with his small-dick jokes this episode. Warner wryly says they'll have to enlarge the picture for the jury, but the mole's right where Ashley said it was (beyond "on his dick"?). "See ya in twenty years, captain," says Olivia as Elliot leads him out.

Warner wants to know how Olivia knew to ask about special penis characteristics. "I saw it," Olivia finally admits ... although, wouldn't she already had to have corroborated Ashley's story in order to get the arrest warrant? I'm no expert on U.S. law, but given they couldn't hold Harris based on what he did to Olivia, I can't imagine cops can arrest someone on suspicion he might have a mole on his dick. Warner comes right out and asks if Harris raped her. "It's the closest I've ever come," she says. Yeah, check back with her after the next sweeps, Warner.

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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit




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