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David's mother went to the store after arguing with David's father; when she came back, David was gone. She thinks Avi took David. The cops ask where Avi would have taken him. Rachel says that Avi's family is in Brooklyn and Israel, but since David doesn't have a passport, the cops aren't worried about that. Unfortunately, Avi has broken about five Talmudic laws by forging Rachel's signature on David's passport application. Stabler tells her not to worry because Israel is a signatory to the Hague Convention and Avi won't be able to get through customs. I guess those correspondence courses in international law are finally paying off, eh Stabler? Fin comes in with the announcement that Avi's car has been spotted getting off the Thruway near Harriman, NY. At first they think he's headed to Canada, but then despite the fact that there is an obviously Hebraic-sounding town in really big type on the really big map right next to Stabler's head, it is Rachel who realizes that Avi is taking David to Kehilat Moshe, a Hasidic town upstate. Munch -- who, as the only Jew on the NYPD payroll, takes his role really seriously and studies Jewish-related statistics in case it ever comes up in the line of duty -- pipes in that the town was settled by Hasids from Williamsburg, and has the lowest median age in the state because of all the encouraged procreation. As Stabler and Munch head upstate, Rachel helpfully voice-overs that in the town, the women wear long skirts, they are separated from the men at shul and in the Temple, there are no cell phones, no influences from the unclean modern world. Once they hit the town square, pursuant to absolutely nothing, Munch says to Stabler, "Just like the stories that Bubbeh used to tell." Munch? We get it. You're Jewish. Now please stop talking.

Stabler and Munch espy Avi's car parked on the street. As soon as they get out to investigate, they are stopped by the local law enforcement officer who points out that they are way out of their jurisdiction. Stabler tells him that they're in hot pursuit of a rapist/kidnapper and they want to speak to his supervisor. The cop and his supervisor speak rapidly in Yiddish on the radio, and Munch overhears that they are trying to keep the goys away from the Temple. They bust into the Temple anyway and grab Avi, who quickly explains that it wasn't him, but rather the head rabbi who kidnapped David. David is screaming that he doesn't want to go back and the head rabbi is saying that he was only trying to protect the boy. Stabler tells him to tell it to the judge. The rabbi asks if out of respect he can finish his prayers, but Stabler says he has no respect for child molesters. In case you didn't guess that.

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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit




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