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Back at the precinct, Fin is having no luck with the rabbi, who claims that he did nothing wrong. He was just trying to protect David from the wicked influence of the world. Stabler is faring no better with David, who is claiming that he asked the rabbi to take him away. Stabler doesn't buy it. Why would David want to leave his parents? David says that he wanted to go to school somewhere he could be safe. The elite detective realizes that David was raped at school. ["Those of us on the Time Warner system who read the ep description got there about 24 minutes ago; they really need to work on not giving away who the perp really is, because it makes the detectives look really dumb during the red-herring half of the show." -- Sars] Stabler tracks down the guys who would be CSI, you know, if that weren't a competing show.

The notCSI guy shows Stabler that the pubic hair is from a "Tanner Stage 2," and Stabler with his correspondence-school training knows that means the perp is an adolescent. The notCSI confirms that the hair is from a twelve- to fourteen-year-old. Stabler gives the camera the hoary eye of disbelief. I meet his hoary eye of disbelief and raise him an eyebrow. I mean, come on; he's been on this show, what twenty-eight years? Why would he be shocked by this? Oh whatever.

Huang, the FBI profiler who apparently is always lurking in the SVU squad room, helps the cops come up with a narrower suspect pool. The UNSUB is a boy slightly older than David who is probably picked last for kickball. Seriously. That was the profile. When confronted with this hard evidence, David finally gives up a name. Jack. The attacker's name is Jack. And holy hockey, Jack is played by Shane from Weeds. Why not make some extra money as a child rapist while your show is on hiatus, eh? ["Meanwhile, his mom is played by a woman who was the female-convict Killer Of The Week on L&O: Mothership back in the day." -- Sars] Stabler and Finn track down Jack at his house. He is watching porn because his mom is dead and his dad is working late and oh just admit it Skinemax is the root of all evil. Fin and Stabler take Jack and his little brother down to the station house.

At the precinct, Jack's dad has finally shown up. He is running around the station looking for his boys, and totally freaks when he finds out that Jack is being charged with rape. He is running around yelling for his son, and when Jack hears his dad's voice, he yells that he didn't think it was wrong. He wants his dad to help him because he didn't know! When things have quieted down, Stabler asks Jack about the rape. Jack says that he saw it on the TV. There was a show with some guys in prison and that's what they were doing. Stabler does an excellent job at not giggling and saying, "Oh yes. I remember those scenes. Really, that was my finest work. Can you believe they cancelled Oz?" Instead the camera cuts to David telling Fin that he was too scared of Jack to say no and that he kept going back, not because it was fun like Jack says when the camera cuts back to him, but because he was scared. Jack admits that he did it because he wants everyone to respect him. In the movie he saw, once the guy "had his bitch," everyone respected him. Stabler nods knowingly, "Yeah, I had like three bitches. And everyone respected me. Even the guards. Damn, Oz was a great show." Jack's dad does not understand any of this. He slaps Jack, throws his hands up in the air, and storms out. He tells Stabler to do whatever he wants with the boy.

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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit




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