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Back in the courtroom, Rhea does her best to indict an overly sexual television set (Tubey, I'm looking at you) as the real culprit. Jack watches a lot of television, and his favorite stuff is the "ten o'clock stuff" with the naked ladies. Rhea parades a panel of experts onto the witness stand, who all claim that the "ubiquity of pornography," the laxness of the media, and our overtly sexual society can make young people think sex is totally a-okay. Jack testifies that he didn't know it was wrong and that he didn't know he was hurting anyone. As he is dissembling, his dad walks into the courtroom. Jack apologizes to his dad from the witness stand, but his dad just puts his head in his hand and mutters something about Calgon.

Stabler brings Casey a cup of coffee for the weekly ethical debate of individual actions versus greater good. This week Stabler is concerned about a neglected boy surrounded by a society filled with smut, while Casey takes the role of defender of the First Amendment. Gosh, I am so glad that Law & Order is here to make you really think about these issues! During closing arguments, Casey points out that 70 million kids watch television and manage not to rape people. The jury doesn't care. They find Jack not responsible by reason of mental disease or defect. The TV did it! The TV did it! Munch and the rabbi exchange a meaningful glance about the fate of children in the cruel world that I did not comprehend, undoubtedly because I'm only half-Jewish.

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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit




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