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They watch the video again with Connie and Olivet, and are particularly interested in the portion that shows Jason coaching the kids in basketball -- he's perfectly kind, contained, and appears extremely competent, and this is the day before his mom was killed. Olivet leaves to make a report and Jack thanks her, to which she shoots him a pointed look back. My guess is she might not be over him totally discrediting her in court recently. In chambers, the judge agrees with our merry band of prosecutors, and declares Jason competent to stand trial. Jeffers pulls Cutter aside and tells him basically that he still thinks he's incompetent, and asks Cutter to hear what Jason has to say, off the record. What Jason has to say is that he realized he was a hypocrite and needed to go see his mom about her affair rather than turn a blind eye. Also, it comes out that God doesn’t always use the revelations to talk to Jason, but sometimes does it through Rudy. Jason went to visit his mom that day with Jason and Billy -- who he tells them are 10- and 12-year-old kids. Nothing like bringing the kids along for a little bit of righteous killing to raise 'em up right.

The detectives are back -- this is always very confusing with me when my characters bleed over into the half of the episode not normally theirs -- talking with Billy and his dad. And this is really where the episode goes into full-on disturbing, nothing funny about it mode. Billy's dad defends him as a God-fearing Christian. But then even he has the sense to be appalled when Green says that Billy went along when Jason killed his mom. Billy calmly replies, "She was a Jezebel." Lupo asks if Rudy told him that, and Billy agrees and also refers to Jason as "God's prophet." Outside, Connie and Cutter decide that if three kids all hear advice from Rudy and then go stone a woman to death, they best charge him as an accomplice to murder. Jason has accepted 15 to life from Cutter and Cutter thinks he'll be a star witness. Jack doesn't seem so sure, and we cut back to the interview room where Billy is screaming at Green to repent, or to burn with the infidels. Okay, so that part was back to being a little bit funny. They go to the camp and arrest Rudy, and as he's taken away the kids all begin to chant, "This means war!" Ugh, disturbing again. At Rudy's trial, Jason says that a message from God told him to go to his mother's house and that God would give him the tools to cast out her sin. Turns out this answer came from Rudy, which is one way God speaks to Jason. Jason tells them that Rudy told him they were in a war with Muslim infidels, and a time would come that Jason would be a general in God's army. At this point, a girl gets up and starts yelling "God Bless," and is escorted out by security. As she leaves she tells Cutter, "You'll burn in hell for this." Oh, I'm sure he's got other reasons worse than kicking you out, girlie. Basically, it turns out that Rudy goaded Jason into killing his mom by telling him he was a hypocrite for allowing sin in his home. He also suggested that Billy and Noah go along so that the "innocent should witness the rising up of their general." This elicits more yelling from the peanut gallery. Next the defense lawyer gets up and Jason admits that Rudy didn't tell him directly to kill his mom. Rudy's up on the stand next, and says that he never told Jason to kill his mom, and that it was God's will and God telling him what to do. Cutter looks genuinely bothered by Rudy as he gets up to question him. His questioning leads Rudy to admit vehemently that there is a religious war going on, but claims he's not advocating violence. Cutter goes on questioning him holding one of his posters that proclaims, "This Means War." Cutter calls him out on humiliating the kids and breaking them to get them to do his will and fight his war, but Rudy yells that he's making them strong so that they can stand up to the kids being raised as suicide bombers. He finally comes around to admitting he's advocating violence since the enemy is violent. He also thinks Audrey got what was coming to her because she allowed herself to become, "defiled by his blasphemous seed!" It's more and more vehement and highly disturbing as he justifies everything he's done, and compares Jason to Joan of Arc, leading an army of Christ. In closing arguments, Rudy's lawyer pins it all on Jason making his own decision, not Rudy's, who only told Jason to make peace with his mom. When it's his turn, Cutter shows them the video one more time of the kids chanting, freezing it on one darling looking little girl yelling with her fist in the air. It also shows Billy crying when being called a hypocrite, running into Jason's arms. He calls it brainwashing, and then shows pictures again of Audrey's broken face, pointing out that he whipped up the boys into a frenzy and then sent them off to Jason's mom, knowing full well what would happen. It's a pretty good argument.

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