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The boys show up at a hospital, where Bradley Cameron lies bloodied and beaten up, having fallen from a hotel balcony. The cop who picked him up found Lupo's card in his pocket, as well as a key card to the hotel. The cop also says Bradley told him he was thrown from the balcony. So the detectives search the hotel room Bradley reserved. Lupo finds a printout (or, as he puts it, "a download") from the Systemotics website announcing a meeting for "Level A members" in that very hotel, and guesses Bradley took the room just to break into the closed meeting.

Bill Irwin and his unsettling tight smile explain that Bradley did indeed try to disrupt the meeting, but was bounced by Conway's "facilitators." The security had to be tight, Conway explains, because Level-A members are so super-actualized that they inspire much resentment and anger in the less advanced. Unimpressed, the detectives demand the facilitators' fingerprints and the film from a nearby camera. The video shows Bradley breaking into Conway's lecture, shouting about how Systemotics killed his wife, and being facilitated right out the door. The fingerprints Lupo collected don't incriminate anyone in the balcony incident, though, and now Bernard gets another one of those fateful phone calls: two 911 calls have surfaced from people who watched Bradley jump from the balcony all by himself.

At the hospital, the boys play one of the 911 calls for Bradley. He tries to blame it on Systemotics, but the detectives have already checked out the caller, and when they lean on Brad he basically confesses setting the whole thing up to frame Conway. "He killed my wife!" Bradley says. Bernard tells him they're pretty sure it was a suicide, since they found "GSR" on Sofia's glove. "What glove?" asks Bradley. He says she was allergic to wool, so the gloves they found her wearing couldn't have been hers. (Of course, if she did plan to shoot herself in the head, she might not have cared much about a possible allergic reaction to her chosen costume. Since she'd be dead.) Outside the hospital, the detectives confirm that yes, Sofia was allergic to wool. I'm so glad we don't get to see them conducting many interviews anymore, because I can't get enough of these guys on their cell phones. Can you?

At the station, Lupo tells Anita that the lab found "GSR" on the inside lining of the glove, suggesting the shooter wore the glove, then transferred it to Sofia to stage a suicide. Bernard finds something interesting on the Systemotics Level-A lecture video: it's Dr. Landry, she of the overconfident SIDS diagnosis, right there in the audience! Their faith in Bradley's theories renewed, the detectives confront Kate Westwood, who breaks out of woodenness to say her beliefs are none of their business. She explains that Dr. Landry (whom Lupo, kind of hilariously, keeps calling her "baby doctor," making me picture an infant in a tiny white coat) talked her out of doing an autopsy to confirm the cause of death, since it would look bad for Systemotics. Kate went to her good friend Sofia for comfort, but Sofia just threatened to expose Systemotics' role in the death. The detectives have to threaten Kate with prison before she'll admit that she told Dr. Landry about Sofia's investigation into Systemotics.( She does this while sitting at a table with some sides from a script in front of her -- a realistic touch? Or a sign that the actors in this scene were shaky on their lines?) Dr. Landry went to Ellison Conway, and Kate says they pledged to protect themselves by following the Camerons, running background checks, etc.

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