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Not That There's Anything Wrong With Pseudoscience

Next thing you know, our boys show up at the home of Mrs. Norma Silver, where the door is answered by a domestic in uniform (how quaint!). Dr. Landry's office said the doc was at this address, so the detectives push their way in and discover that they've arrived right in the middle of an infant-purification ritual! Steam, wheatgrass in a baby bottle, the whole nine yards, just as Bradley described it. Bernard grabs the baby and rushes out, leaving Lupo to arrest Dr. Landry for "steaming a kid like a hotdog." But maybe it was just croupy! Did you ever think of that?

Now, at last, we get the law involved. Connie informs Jack that the Silver baby was fine; the steam and the diluted wheatgrass in the bottle wouldn't have hurt it. Jack wants the baby to go back to Mom and the doctor to go back to her practice. Cutter is inclined to push on, investigating Systemotics and its surveillance activities, so Jack cautions him not to mount "a crusade against a religion." Quoting what I like to imagine is a favorite song, Jack says that the particulars of faith in question don't matter -- he and his office are okay with "Whatever gets you through the night." 'Salright, Jack, 'salright.

With the help of a warrant, Rubirosa, Lupo and Bernard have an office-ransacking party over at Systemotics headquarters. Lupo finds that the Systemotics people have files on him and Bernard (but not on Connie, yet), and their file on the Camerons includes items plucked from their garbage. One is a flier for a shooting range, addressed to Bradley. So off to the shooting range it is! The owner tells the boys that Bradley brought his wife in to learn to shoot, but she didn't want to be there and sat in the car while Brad did "all the shooting." Lupo has a photo of the gun that was used to kill Sofia, and the shooting range guy confirms it's the same kind of gun Bradley used the day he showed up there. Our boys guess Bradley's alibi may be BS and hurry out to test that new theory.

At Bradley's studio, a tech guy works on the computer, complaining that the memory is a mess. On one of his hunches, Lupo flips open the diving-helmet visor and finds a camera lens inside. Tech guy cues up the relevant video right away -- it shows what happened while Bradley was out allegedly killing his wife. There's also an audio recording of Bradley's drill, which he left running to throw off his neighbors. What will these murderers think of next?

When we move to the courtroom, Bradley's causing trouble at his murder trial arraignment, rejecting his third lawyer because he's worried about Systemotics connections. The judge enters a not-guilty plea on his behalf and remands him. Connie didn't even have to ask! Meanwhile, Jack, like me, is a bit lost in all this shifting-theory-of-crime nonsense. Rubirosa shows him a video that Bradley tried to erase, made the night before the murder, in which Sofia records her second thoughts about the Systemotics investigation and says she's considering leaving Bradley, at least for a while. No one offers, or requests, an explanation as to why she taped herself saying this. Was she auditioning for a reality show? Did she plan to post it to her vlog? The strategizing is then interrupted by a big stack of motions that have been filed by Bradley's new counsel.

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