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The next day Cutter reveals that the new lawyer, Mr. Pace, has a history of suing Systemotics, uh, systematically. Judge Laramie does not seriously entertain Pace's many dramatic requests -- he won't recuse himself, and he won't close the gallery to spectators just in case Systemotics sends members to witness the trial and intimidate the witnesses. Despite these failures, Pace remains smug, convinced his defense is killer.

Kate Westwood is on the stand. When she balks mid-testimony, Pace stops to ask that a couple in the audience who admit to being connected to Systemotics be removed from the courtroom. Cutter objects mildly and the judge lets the couple stay, but he agrees to instruct the jury to ignore the staring Systemotics people. Kate stops her story cold, saying, "I can't do this," and Pace lets her step down, whereupon she hurries out of the courtroom.

Outside at the hotdog stand, debriefing after this display Jack advises Cutter to "steer into the skid" and get Kate back on the stand. Cutter and Rubirosa have a sit-down with Kate, trying to convince her that telling the truth is better for Systemotics in the long run. If she thinks Bradley killed Sofia, she needs to testify and clear Systemotics, he says. He urges her to ask Pace to put her back on the stand.

So here we are again, with Pace once more questioning Kate, and the creepy people still staring from the audience. Kate talks about Dr. Landry and Conway's plans to "protect" Systemotics against Sofia and her ilk. Cutter asks Kate if she loved Sofia; she says she did and calls Sofia "brave." Pace redirects and asks Kate if she herself is brave, considering the whole running-away-from-the-stand episode. When Cutter objects and the judge releases Kate, Pace calls Ellison Conway to the stand. Cutter objects, not for the first time, to hearing this witness. Pace asks Conway about Systemotics' dossier on the Camerons, which Conway claims was meant only to prepare for a possible lawsuit. Then they discuss "Fracture Mechanics," which Conway calls "a core religious activity of Systemotics." He won't go into details, but he acknowledges that "Fracture Mechanics" is a term for the way Systemotics protects itself and its teachings. "What about the jury? Do you have files on them too?" shouts Pace, as the creepy couple look on. Laramie strikes Conway's testimony from the record. Like that ever works.

Jack wants Cutter to fix things with his summation. Cutter isn't sure he can "convince people that Systemotics is no more dangerous than the neighborhood glee club." Whoa! Your neighborhood has a glee club? "People are scared of bogeymen," says Jack, dropping the title of the ep while encouraging Cutter to address the jury's fears. I'm still stuck on that glee club idea when Rubirosa interrupts, announcing that three jurors want off the case. So it's back to the courtroom, where the jurors express their concerns to the judge and lawyers. They don't want to be followed and threatened by Systemotics! Juror No. 3, a young man, claims to have been stared at in the park, so he gets excused, but the judge makes the others stay because there aren't enough alternates to replace them.

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