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Not That There's Anything Wrong With Pseudoscience

Pace gives his summation, appealing to the exact testimony that was stricken from the record to say that, if they think it's possible Systemotics framed Cameron, they have to find Cameron not guilty. Cutter follows up, trying to make distinction between reason and paranoia. In his telling, Systemotics' power is "a self-perpetuating myth." Bradley blamed Systemotics for his wife leaving him, and framed them for her murder as revenge. I wonder why we never heard any more about that whole Bradley-throwing-himself-out-a-window incident? That seems like valuable evidence here...

The lawyers wait in Laramie's chambers. Pissed-off Judge Laramie comes in and tells them that four jurors are refusing to deliberate, so he has to declare a mistrial. Cutter asks for three hours' reprieve, and gets one hour. Cutter uses this time to sit down with Pace and Bradley and offer a plea bargain. Pace thinks this is "delusional," but Cutter just fixes his gaze on Bradley. "You have a destiny, and I'm here to see that you fulfill it," Cutter says, employing his most cultlike stare. Pace is like, Hello, mistrial, you're a free man... but Bradley is mesmerized by Cutter's Systemotics-style speech. "We've all harnessed our personal power against you," Cutter says, pointing out that fifteen years in jail is far preferable to all the terrible things Systemotics will supposedly do to Brad if he gets off. So Brad confesses to killing Sofia. "You'll tell Mr. Conway I took the deal, won't you?" he pleads, promising to "get unblocked" and seek out his "destiny" in jail. Cutter doesn't know what kind of face to make in response to that. Pace, uncharacteristically, leaves without a word. I guess the confession shut him up. It's a pretty cool scene, actually, but of course they ruin it by having Rubirosa explain what just happened for the household pets and other dumb creatures that might be watching. "I'm not sure that was by the book...[You] convinced him you were in Systemotics?" she says. Thanks for clearing that up, Connie! Cutter gets a pretty good curtain line, though: "Well, with all I've achieved," he deadpans, "what makes you so sure I'm not?" Cutter, Cutter, Cutter, you're just -- you're glib. (Don't ever change.)

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