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The owner of the 97th ticket, Rachel Monroe, explains that she hasn't picked up her pants because she's been in China, traveling for work -- she's a purchasing agent for Savings Mart. (I think it's actually "Saving$mart," but I ain't typing that shit out a hundred times.) She claims not to know Lily Yee, or anything about the pants, and is overly breezy and fake-regretfully "sorry I can't be more helpful." She's about to take her leave of them when Lupo asks why she hasn't picked the pants up yet, now that she's back in town; she claims it's an old pair she doesn't need. Green confirms that it's her pair, then, not a husband's or boyfriend's, because they're looking for men's pants, not women's. Lupo leaves her his card.

Out on the street, Lupo and Green speculate that Rachel is going to call whomever the pants do belong to to tell him he's busted. I'm not sure I follow their logic there, but whatever the reasoning, they've concluded that she's lying. Lupo doesn't plan to wait for a subpoena of Rachel's phone records, so he calls her up and makes clicking noises into the phone to make her think the line is bugged, which presumably will send her outside to call from a payphone or meet the pants-owner in person. Green rightly calls this ridiculous, saying that phone taps don't make any noise at all, but Lupo's like, "They do in movies," and Green humors him: "I'll give you 15 minutes." Lupo passes the time by asking clumsily what's going on with Green and his sister-in-law, and Green humors him on this also, explaining that they're just friends, and the sister-in-law's date on Friday is with her mother, to go to a show. Green also confirms that SIL was with Lupo before she was with his brother. The rest of us got there three episodes ago, but thanks for the confirmation. Rachel appears just then, and the detectives, about to tail her, spot a white guy and a black guy also tailing her. They manage to stop the guys, but lose track of Rachel.

At the cop shop, the tailers have made one phone call each and then clammed up. Van Buren is annoyed, but her expression changes when she gets a visitor -- her mentor, former Inspector Fuller, who's now retired from the NYPD and heading up security for Savings Mart. Lupo eavesdrops as Van Buren asks why Fuller had a tail on Rachel Monroe, and Fuller bullshits that it's "internal corporate stuff, nothing very interesting." Van Buren invites him into her office, and Lupo lurches over to ask who he is. "One of the best officers I ever worked for," Van Buren grins, "and everything he does is interesting." Lupo pulls a face all, "Great -- not only is she not going to challenge this guy because he's her sensei, but we've seen that storyline a hundred times before to boot."

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