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Fuller explains that the guys in custody didn't talk because it's Savings Mart corporate policy not to speak without authorization from a superior. Lupo's like, that's you, so how about you spill it; Fuller says Savings Mart is investigating an allegation that Rachel was "fraternizing" with a fellow employee. The detectives think this is a bit much, but Fuller says it's the company culture, per the founder, "a very moral man." A very nosy and controlling man, more like, but whatever. Van Buren throws in that Fuller was her captain when she got to Vice, and there's some weird reminiscing about how worrying about morals is the job of the private sector nowadays or whatever, and then Fuller says that Rachel was spotted dropping off the pair of pants, but when his guys tried to get said pants, the dry-cleaner blew them off. They don't know who the pants belong to, and Fuller hasn't heard the name Lily Yee before.

Lupo and Green head to Savings Mart security HQ to listen to the tip that came in on the company's "integrity hotline," a set-up that gets another raised brow from Green. Fuller says it's for reporting employee theft, harassment, so on and so forth, and goes on to say that, if the owner of the pants is found, he's fired for boinking a fellow employee, end of story. Lupo wonders how they would have matched the pants to the owner, and Fuller says they'd have used the DNA they have on file for each employee. So, in case you haven't gotten it by now, Savings Mart is Orwellian in its overreach. Lupo figures out that the call was made from a Savings Mart store, by someone who knows Rachel, and Gorens that they need a list of employees recently transferred from Rachel's office to a store.

Sure enough, they find the tipster, and sure enough, she's more paranoid about talking out of turn about Savings Mart than about stiff-arming the police. They have to threaten her with a voice-print match, but finally she gives it up: Rachel told the woman she was sleeping her way to the top, and succeeded in scoring the job opening in purchasing that the woman had wanted as a result. The woman gives up the guy's name, too... we head over to the home of one Derek Cahill, the foyer of which is naturally strewn with toddler toys, the better to emphasize that he's an asshole for cheating on his wife. I'm sure the makers of Thomas the Tank Engine appreciated the product placement, but...come on, guys. We went to college. Cahill makes puzzled faces when the police explain why they're there, and denies having an affair with Rachel, even when the detectives note his pleated, cuffed pants.

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