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Anyway: the toothpaste. It doesn't seem to have made it onto Savings Mart store shelves; where did it go?

At a Savings Mart warehouse, the foreman tries to stonewall, but eventually opens the files for Connie and Cutter -- the toothpaste got pulled off the distro list and rerouted to a company called M&M Novelties. Savings Mart sold the toothpaste to M&M at a discount, and then M&M in turn dumped the toothpaste on another distributor (...see what I'm saying?) that serves prisons, hospitals, and old-age homes. These are places, Cutter points out acidly, where "people die all the time," so who's going to notice if a few of them drop dead of toothpaste poisoning? Connie has alerted the local authorities. Cutter doesn't understand why a company as big as Savings Mart would pull this just to save a few bucks; why didn't they just send the toothpaste to a landfill? Connie, staring at the file, notices that the fax telling the warehouse to reroute the toothpaste came from procurement...and was signed by Rachel Monroe.

Cut to Rachel wailing that that isn't her signature. Connie agrees that it's not a match to other handwriting samples they have on file. Rachel doesn't know why she's there, then, and Cutter brings in Cahill and his attorney. Rachel confronts him, saying he told her the company destroyed the toothpaste. Cahill confirms that, but Cutter says he's lying; he dumped the toothpaste on institutions so he wouldn't get a bad quarterly review. Cahill continues to deny that he had anything to do with it, and sleazes at Rachel that she can't believe Cutter. Rachel is crying, and whispers that maybe he did kill that girl. Cahill snaps at her. Rachel, glaring at Cahill, says Savings Mart asked her about the toothpaste, and she didn't know why; Cahill "tried to hide it, but they found out anyway." Cahill's attorney isn't worried, and escorts him out; he smiles smugly. Rachel sobs.

Connie has to agree with Cahill's attorney that they still have nothing vis-à-vis the murder charge, but Cutter's like, not so fast. Cut to McCoy basically threatening to bring a bad-press storm down on the heads of the Savings Mart execs, then offering to let them off the hook legally if they'll order Fuller to tell the truth. After the execs leave, Cutter is pissed that McCoy let them go on a public-health threat to catch one murderer. McCoy reminds him that catching said murderer is in fact Cutter's job, not playing attorney general with product recalls. "You're settling," Cutter grunts, as Connie fidgets in the back of the shot. "Call the judge," McCoy repeats. Cutter stalks out. Connie and McCoy exchange a look, and I think a "he's right, you know" / "I know" conversation got cut here, because instead, we head over to...

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