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We "bum bum!" into some law offices and meet the aforementioned redhead, who is rather upset at his death. When Green suggests that she saw John a lot, she leads them into a file room to admit that she knew him through Gamblers Anonymous. Green looks thoughtful and comments on how there's just the teeniest, eensiest bit of conflict with a gambler who refs college basketball games, but she says he bet on sports but never basketball. However, he'd also stopped going to meetings.

Outside Lupo makes a comment about the gambling and Green, with a knowing tone, tells him it's a hard habit to break. Green thinks that John would know people who did bet on basketball and Lupo says he'll run the phone numbers they have against bookies. The next scene, we learn, is at a Tiki Bar. Really, is that where the bookies are hanging out these days? They seem too fun and brightly colored, too...drinks served in coconut shells for gambling. Although then again, this bookie looks more like an accountant. Then again, most of what I know about gambling addiction comes from 90210, so you probably shouldn't listen to me. He says he stopped taking money from John after a guy came up to him, said he was garnishing John's winnings, and beat the pulp out of AccountantBookie. He's still sporting the roughed-up face to prove it. Although I guess maybe that's new since this was a few weeks ago. The guy isn't surprised about what happened "last night." He explains after some prodding that there was too much money on the underdog, and Green guesses that John was supposed to fix the game but didn't. Eventually they get him to tell them that the guy who beat him up was black with blonde hair. Oh my God, it's Dennis Rodman!

The guys are watching the game in question and unfortunately, the team that John was supposed to help win couldn't buy a basket. As Green explains, John could ignore fouls but not shoot baskets for them, so they still lost. AccountantBookie calls them over to look at someone but then says it's just a guy who looks similar because of his cauliflower ear. (I don't think I want to look that up.) Lupo's pissed at the false alarm, but Green seems to be on to something. To Lupo's surprise he gives a lame excuse about visiting a friend in the hospital and leaves for the night. You'd really think after investigating people for so long he'd be smoother at this.

Later that night, Lupo is out in the park in his bathrobe, while his dog stares up at him, decidedly not doing what he's out there to do. But it's convenient timing since Lupo's phone rings. He shows up at a murder scene to find blond-haired, cauliflower-eared bookie dead with a gun in his hand, having fired one shot. Unfortunately for all of us, when he's directed to the shooter he looks up to see none other than Green sitting on some steps being questioned.

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