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Anita is out of the office for the first time this season and Green tells her (looking not so hot with a puffy nose, almost like he'd been crying) that he was defending himself. He's so wooden, however, that it's about as convincing as his excuse to leave earlier. She sends Lupo to comb the scene, and they turn around and are greeted by Sergeant Cole and Detective Bernard of internal affairs. Get to know and love Bernard, folks, because in this age of the internet we already all know he'll be around for a while. Anita calls them off until Green can speak to his attorney and file his report. Green looks like he might barf.

All of that must have happened since now he's in questioning, and they note the incredible coincidence that Green knew about the gambling club and went there just to see if anyone there might know Cauliflower Ear -- Buddy. Cole explains (for the sake of the viewing audience, really) that the club was in a "corruption zone" where cops weren't supposed to go. When he suggests Green had been there before, his lawyer steps in to say he's only answering questions about this case. Cole says they get to decide what's pertinent and then Bernard asks again if Green knew Buddy (Bunny?) was a regular there. When the lawyer interrupts he puts up his finger and closes his eyes with a "Shhhhhh" that I haven't yet decided was amusing or annoying. He tells Green that if he's got a history with the club and the guy he shot, he should tell them now rather than waiting for them to dig it up in an investigation, and he does it all in that annoying tone you take when you're trying to convince someone you're only there to help them when you're really there to nail their balls to the wall. He asks again how he knew Bunny (finally, someone enunciates!) would be there, and Green grudgingly admits he'd been there before.

Green walks back and gripes about being treated like a criminal while Anita sympathizes. She tells him that Bunny's gun was the one that killed John and assures him he killed a guilty man. But there's still an investigation, and Bernard comes out and calls Lupo to be interviewed. And this is where things really devolve into a stereotypical cop show. Lupo protests that it was fine that Green left work when he did and that it was a mutual decision to call it quits for the day, while they bully him about what he should have been doing. Then, holding a paper cup of coffee, Cole walks around and gets in his face to ask if Green was lying to Lupo, or if Lupo is lying to them. "Or is it BOTH?" It's overacting, that's for sure. Lupo comes back out, clearly agitated, and after straightening the stuff on his desk he leaves, giving Anita the 'friend in the hospital' line. She seems to get it, says, "Give him my best," and he's out. Next thing he's in his car taking pictures of Cole and Bernard interviewing a witness on a street corner. He gets out and Bernard comes over to meet him, and they have a very gruff, manly argument where Lupo first tries to discredit the guy they are talking to and then says he's still working on John's murder, but Bernard takes him by the arm and leads him away, telling him to back off. Before he leaves, he notes a box of empty liquor bottles.

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