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Cutter tells Jack about the grand jury and explains that Green is looking at Murder Two. Surprised, Jack tells him, "The man's been in my office a hundred times. I just kind of assumed he wasn't a murderer." Jack warns him that Green's a good cop and he has to be absolutely sure, but Cutter tells him that he has to force himself to be objective and follow the facts. Bernard is then laying them out, that Green left the office and filled up with gas in Jersey an hour later, no idea why there, and then an hour and a half after that he's back in town and shooting Bunny. Also, they haven't found his "sick friend." They discuss motive and look at his financials, Cutter musing about if he used his police authority to get out of debt. Lupo has arrived and heard this, and bangs into the office, but Cutter tries to shoo him out. Before he does, he tells Lupo he's calling him as a witness.

Connie runs out after Lupo to find out what he'd come there for, and he tells her there's something she should see. What it is, we don't know, we just go to the Grand Jury Room. Street Corner Witness is telling the grand jury about how he saw Green shoot Bunny, whose back was to him, outside the club. Cutter goes to sit but Connie jumps up with questions of her own. She asks him about his police record, leading to the fact that he doesn't like cops. The guy agrees, "Because they shoot people in the back." She then asks if he knows someone named Henry Antrum. Apparently Henry signed a statement that Street Corner told him he was going to "get even with the pigs" by framing Green for murder. Cutter looks less than pleased at this unexpected turn. Out in the hallway they argue about if it's murder, throwing out the scenario we've already heard, and they both are clearly on different sides of the fence. Cutter thinks Green lured Bunny into pulling his gun so that it looked like self-defense. They're stopped when he's handed a paper.

Green goes to the station to get some personal stuff from his desk, including his datebook, and Anita comments that maybe she should have read it, as there's a lot she didn't know about him. He claims that he fell back into gambling first when Lennie left and then again when Lennie died. Anita can't believe that's how he found comfort. Then the phone rings. She tells him he's been indicted and says she'd like to help. Bernard shows up like an omnipresent ghost and she tells him they heard, and Green uses that as his cue to leave. Anita asks Bernard about internal affairs -- he was drafted in, which means he's a good detective, and he could try for homicide after his two years was up. He then defends IA and she agrees it should exist, but can't believe it's nailed Green. He asks what she'd do with the facts he found, and she schools him by pointing out all of the questions still unanswered, telling him she thinks he's only done half an investigation. He takes a file and leaves, thanking her.

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