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Lupo is on the stand, and Cutter finally gets him to admit that he was a little bit surprised when Green left for the night during a fresh murder investigation. He also gets Lupo to admit that the only thing different about this case than all the others where they didn't go off the clock for at least the first 48 hours is that Green had something to do. At his table, Green just stares into the distance. Next up is Katherine, telling them Green used to be a regular and beat up Bunny, telling him to "let it go" or that he'd make sure he did time for a felony -- that he'd find something to arrest Bunny for. Then he didn't come back until the night of the shooting, when he went inside and asked where Bunny was. He apparently then asked if anyone else was looking for Bunny -- something that seems to strike a chord for Lupo, and he gets up and leaves the courtroom. He brings Anita to the street outside the club and takes her through some different scenarios, basically leading to the fact that Green might have shot towards Bunny's back as Bunny was also shooting in that direction at the mysterious "someone else" who was looking for him.

Bernard storms into the office to demand what's up, and Lupo throws the bullet from Bunny's gun, which they found. Bernard wonders who Bunny was shooting at, to which Lupo gives a pointed "Yeah." Hmmm, I wonder if these two might wind up respecting each other's different strengths and find some way to work together? Lupo wants to know how Green knew someone else was after Bunny, pointing out that there might be a phone at the gas station in Jersey. Bernard asks Lupo to take a ride with him. "What, me and you?" Man, my head hurts from the anvil that just landed on me. As they leave, Anita happily notes that he's doing the other half of his investigation.

While Lupo waits for the operator to figure out what calls were made from the pay phone, he and Bernard chat -- Bernard hates dogs because of his nickname in Catholic school -- St. Bernard. He glares at Lupo for guessing right off the bat. Lupo gets the numbers, and Bernard makes the call to cross-check them with Green's cell phone; Lupo admiringly notes, "St. Bernard!"

They end up at the home of someone named April Lannen in Jersey City. She's cagey, saying she used to know him. She denies getting a phone call from him until they press her, and this goes back and forth with her being a pain in the ass and Lupo trying to find out what they talked about, and if she knew of Bunny. She goes inside to her child, ending the conversation, and dismisses her nanny. The nanny then leaves, and St. Bernard calls after her to find out if April left the house that night.

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