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At the office Anita is telling him that there are no charges and dismissal isn't automatic, but he tells her that he "broke every rule in the book." She tells him he can fight it, clearly hoping he will. But he sits and admits he's too worn out to fight. She tells him that April will be okay, but gently suggests that it wasn't just about her. He says that he's been a cop, a gambler, and a bunch of other things that don't go well together, and asks how she does it. She tells him to put one foot in front of the other. Smiling, with tears in his eyes, he thanks her and says, "I'll let you know where I land." He then calls to Lupo and thanks him, and Lupo asks if the thanks is for the evidence that got him arrested or for finding April whom he clearly did not want found. Smiling, Green tells him, "For being a good cop." Lupo stares with his mouth hanging slightly open, I guess dumbfounded at the idea, and Anita watches sadly but proudly as Green takes his things and leaves. Somewhere, Dick Wolf is lifting one of those $10,000 martinis to toast the great job Jesse L. Martin did on this show.

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