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Called Home / Darkness

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Called Home / Darkness

Outside, the team tries to figure out how the kidnappers forced open an electric door; the Conlans' car appears to have been hit by a blue car or van. Van Buren sends Green and Lupo out to question the neighbors, most of whom are milling around outside drinking wine and gossiping. One of the neighbors propositions Lupo about five different ways but only gets an "ohhhh...kay" face for her trouble.

Inside, the kidnappers have called re: the ransom, and they want $15 million by midnight. After ascertaining that Mom and Katie are still alive, Conlan tries to bargain, saying he can only get a couple million, because the banks are closed, and also, you know, blackout. The kidnappers don't like that, but they say they'll call back.

At the precinct, Conlan gets rigged up with Kevlar and a bagful of money while Van Buren orders him not to be a hero. The power comes on. Everyone in the squadroom: "Yaaaay!" Then it goes out again four seconds later. Everyone in the squadroom: "Awwww." Hee! After Rubirosa marches off to type up a release form on an actual typewriter -- which, obviously, is in McCoy's office, because McCoy is old and distrusts modern technology -- Green reports that the paint chips did come from a blue van. It's on the wire, but, you know, blackout, and everyone's radios are running out of juice, so Van Buren makes an announcement: every officer gets a whistle as part of his/her standard equipment, so they'll need to use those. The whistle codes are as follows: one long and two short means "suspect sighted," and three short means "officer needs assistance."

Pre-dawn. Conlan goes to the pre-arranged corner and awaits further instructions. The team watches from unmarked cars. Conlan is sent towards Hudson, and as he's walking, shhhhoooomp! A guy on a bike whizzes past and grabs the ransom bag. Green and Lupo start after the guy in the car, but a random garbage truck fouls up everyone's positions, and Lupo has to jump out and chase the bike on foot while Green brings up the rear. Lupo is hauling ass after the guy but still has enough breath to use his whistle code, and he's fweeeeeeeep-fweep-fweeping away as the pursuit unfolds, Bike Guy careening around various West Village corners, Lupo behind him, a pack of detectives behind Lupo fweeeeeeeep-fweep-fweeping on their whistles. It's pretty much the best chase scene ever on the show, is what I'm saying, especially when the guy takes a turn too fast, doesn't see a generator line stretching across the sidewalk, and gets clotheslined by it -- to death.

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