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Called Home / Darkness

Back from the break, the blackout is still in effect, and Conlan is bitching about getting the FBI involved. Van Buren shuts that down, which the continuity editor should have done for her, but that'll be clearer in a few paragraphs. Green and Lupo can't ID Bike Guy, but they do have a lead on the bike itself...

...which belongs to a senior-home aide, who lent it to her friend. Well, her friend with benefits, which it takes her an eon to admit. His name is Nick Costas; she met him because he visits his father, who lives there. Said father has Alzheimer's, which means another eon of questioning that doesn't get much of anywhere because, you know, blackout, of the neurological variety. Costas Sr. rambles on about how Nick is the best southpaw the Dodgers ever had, and Lupo tries to Goren him, but no dice; however, with an assist from the FWB, they manage to find out that Costas Sr. used to own a store in Astoria. It's just not entirely clear what the address is.

Later, Green and Lupo think they've found the right store, but of course they can't get a warrant, because, you know, blackout -- the whole system is backed up, and Cutter's basically asking the judge on duty to warrant the entire block of stores instead of one specific one. Hilariously, the judge is played by...Peter McRobbie, who I just mentioned in my prior weecap! Awesome. But of course, time's a-wasting for the hostages, and the judge thinks Cutter is bullshitting and won't grant the warrant, so Cutter's like, fuck it -- go in, I'll cover it later. Lupo cuts the padlock. It's the right store -- Costas Sr. is the owner -- and in the back, they find Mom's lifeless body. They also hear some scuffling, and Lupo gives chase (not using the whistle this time, sadly) and bags the suspect, who has blood on his shoes but professes not to know anything. Meanwhile, Green opens the blue van parked in the garage to find Katie -- tied up and stuffed under some boxes, but alive. As Lupo piles the suspect, Roy Barkin, into a black-and-white, the power comes back on.

Damn, Untraceable looks dumb.

Katie looks at mug shots, but doesn't recognize anyone; she might be able to identify voices, though, and she definitely heard two. One guy yelled at another guy over the phone about the stupid plan and how it got messed up, so apparently there's another guy besides Barkin and Costas. Rubirosa and Cutter go to visit Barkin in Rikers, offering 30 years if he gives up the accomplice or some way to find him. His lawyer supplies that Barkin is a cousin of Costas's, but Barkin himself is silent, and Cutter's like, you don't know shit, do you. "You were just dumb muscle," Rubirosa adds. "Lady, you can kiss my dumb muscle," Barkin sleazes. Rubirosa smirks, and Cutter observes that he's sure Barkin will have "plenty of takers" for that in prison. Zing! Cutter is kind of bitchy. I approve. The ADAs start to leave, and Barkin's attorney says he can't seem to find the warrant the police used to enter the store. Oops. Cutter BSes him with something about the discovery motion. Rubirosa is worried, but Cutter says the lack of a warrant doesn't have to be a problem if they can find the mastermind before trial.

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