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Needless to say, Jack McCoy, the newly-minted DA, is not happy: Extortion! Murdered Children! Civic Duty! Arm-Twisting! Lines! Handouts! Oh, fine. The next day the ersatz Jesse/Al hybrid holds a press conference demanding that if anyone saw something, they should come forward and drive the murderers out of the neighborhood. One of the guys who spoke to Green shows up at the precinct, and IDs the guy in the Baltimore Bullets jersey as a kid named Will who Lupo spoke with. They found the casings right outside their brownstone. The cops get a warrant and head uptown.

They find the basketball in Will's house and arrest him for robbery. That is, until they find the gun that matches the murder weapon. Then they arrest him for murder. They haul him to the station and throw him into an interrogation room. Since Will is seventeen, he is not entitled to have a parent in the room, so the boy's father, Ray, talks with the Lieutenant. Green and Lupo try to get a confession out of Will, but they are unsuccessful. Luckily the Lieutenant manages to get one out of the father. Apparently the three white boys came back to the playground with baseball bats, they had cornered Will, and were planning on whacking him (literally), so Ray shot them. Imminent harm! Clear and present danger! Defense of others!

In the courtroom, the ADA asks for remand because the defendant confessed to two murders. Ray's grandstanding media-whorish defense attorney demands that his client be released on his own recognizance because the media is all over him and he won't be able to flee, and because it is way retarded that the DA is even charging the guy for protecting his son in the face of imminent harm. He demands that the judge try the case right then and there. The obviously racist judge snorts and sets the bail at a million dollars, much to the chagrin of the crowd.

Jesse/Al is pissed at the cops and the DA's office because he told his community to come forward against their better judgment, and now that the shooter is being prosecuted, he looks like a douche. The Lieutenant points out that Ray totally confessed to two murders, the white kids denied ever coming back to the playground, Will won't talk to the cops, Ray didn't come forward, guilty-as-sin-cakes. The ADAs ask Jesse/Al to speak to Ray's defense attorney and get him to let them talk to Will, the eyewitness. Um, isn't that called a deposition? The good reverend is busily telling them to bite his community when McCoy happens by. He tells Jesse/Al to either talk to the defense attorney or kiss his fast-tracked historical landmark status goodbye. Jesse/Al storms out. Jack sure figured that DA stuff out quickly! He tells the ADAs to haul the kid before the grand jury because that is the only way he will ever talk to them. Um...deposition? Gack, I should have paid more attention in criminal procedure.

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