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They go to see the widow, Suzanne, who tells them she hasn't been involved with the company since their daughter was born. Also present is her brother, Frank, who is figuratively "allergic to gold dust." He and the daughter leave so that Suzanne can be totally unhelpful and claim to not know much at all. All of their customers were domestic, and anyone could buy the gold after it was refined. She guesses what they mean and straight-out says they didn't do business with terrorists or criminals, and also is fine with them going through her husband's office. There, they find a lot of cash and cashier's checks without the customer names, but the woman (the same one who showed them the vault before) -- who has no name, so based on her hair I'll call her Red -- Red tells them that was the customer's choice. She shows Lupo the datebook, and he sees that Madison met with George Smith (same name as one of the 7Q deposits) the previous Tuesday at the Park Hotel.

Guess where they are now. George Smith had no address listed and paid in cash, but luckily he's registered there for that night, so they head to his room. They knock and the door whines open; they find the room empty. Once they leave, a woman walks past them and goes to the door -- and then turns and gets back on the elevator, citing the wrong floor. She looks uncomfortable enough that they know they've found George. She doesn't want to show them a room key, but they finally force some ID out of her. "Sarah" glares at them as Lupo wishes her a good night and the doors close. Once out of earshot, Lupo guesses her rate to be $1,000/night and Bernard notes that George Smith is, "First class all the way."

At the office, Bernard reports that Sarah Shipley is 24. We're back to "b-friends" again as well -- her page says that she's an aspiring performance artist. Back when I was on Friendster, I was a Psychic Stripping Holistic Healer -- everyone calls it something, right? She actually works for an escort service called "Excalibur Exclusives," and Lupo explains it's "for guys with really big swords!" He looks quite proud of that, but I say he earned it. It turns out that Excalibur Exclusives is 7Q Partners and Madison wasn't into terrorists, he was just into having an extramarital good time. This makes Suzanne a suspect, so they head to her father's house, where she supposedly was the night of the murder.

Edgar Beezley, Suzanne's father, is potting plants and can't be bothered to turn around to answer the boys' questions. He reiterates that Suzanne was there with Isobel that night until midnight when he put them in a cab. He and Suzanne spoke about the business and that Frank, her brother, was interested in joining. He must have found a gold dust inhaler somewhere. When told about Excalibur they ask him what Suzanne would have done to her husband if she found out -- and naturally, the answer is, "She'd kill him. Figuratively." I'd say her father might do it literally, but we'll see. Madison had asked his father-in-law a few weeks previously if he knew what 7Q Partners was since they had come up in the course of business. So, he was a marginally smart pervert. Edgar had never heard of them, which I imagined made Madison's day. Walking out, the boys wonder why Madison would ask his father-in-law if he knew of an escort service, given that if he did, he might kill Madison himself. Lupo wonders if he really didn't know what it was. They don't reach any conclusions, but decide to tap Excalibur's phones.

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