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In court Frank and his two cohorts all plead not guilty; Connie does her thing and tries to get the two nameless defendants on $1 million bail and Frank on $4 million. She figures he's a flight risk, part of a murder investigation, and has access to family money, but that last statement gives his father a chance to stand up and promise he'll get none of the family money and can instead rot in jail. The judge very drily notes, "How refreshing." Cutter shows up to remind Connie they need to figure out if Morgan really was trying to bust Frank, and that they need to talk to the girl he hired to find out why he hired her -- work or play, so to speak.

They meet with Mona, who claims she thought the girls just modeled swimsuits. Not giving an indication of their opinions one way or another, Connie tells them that they need her to decode a record to see who it was that Madison was meeting. Cutter tells her lawyer that they'll take Mona's cooperation into consideration, but doesn't agree to drop all charges off the bat. While she looks, she tells them that Thursday nights were staff meetings, and on the Thursday night that Madison died Frank showed up sweaty and with a torn short, supposedly from a fight with a cab driver. She then identifies Madison's escort as Shanelle, one of their "exotic" models -- Brazilian. I'm sure in more ways than one. Shanelle lives with her boyfriend, and Mona thinks he's with organized crime. They go arrest the boyfriend, Richie, who has a federal warrant out for his arrest, but then inform Shanelle that she's the real reason they're there and pull her in, too.

Shanelle remembers her date with Madison because she thought he was a cop, asking all sorts of questions about Frank and his connection with the organization rather than having sex. Shanelle texted Frank about it, who called back and demanded to know the details even though she was already on her next "date." He seemed to guess that it was Madison when she told him about the monogram on his shirt cuff. The lawyers also find out that her "date," Al, would have heard her whole conversation, as he was feeling her up the whole time. Didn't Al's mama ever teach him manners for when his call girl is on the phone? She mentions that Richie saw Al in the hotel when he came to pick her up, clearly angling for a deal.

Jack, meanwhile, is in a meeting with a U.S. Attorney and an FBI agent who thank him for nabbing Richie. He guesses, though, that they aren't just there for that and they admit that they want the wiretaps that have to do with the various men who went out with Shanelle. He asks why, but they stay mum, so he tells them to put the request in writing and he'll let them know.

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