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You Can Call Me Al

Connie reports that Shanelle was really popular, and begins to play the calls they've got for Jack and Cutter. The second one they hear is Al, and the ominous music starts up so we know something's important here. He sets up an appointment and while they listen to him talk with Mona, Jack declares abruptly that he's heard enough and leaves, much to Connie and Cutter's confusion. And here's where my waiting to see when Tom Everett Scott would show up comes into play. Because of that, I totally recognized the good Governor's voice on the phone.

Jack goes and delivers a letter to Governor Tom, whose voice is very suspiciously similar to Al's. It tells him that he's a person of interest in an investigation, but not the suspect. Jack goes on to explain that a key piece of evidence in the murder trial is a call made from Frank to Shanelle while she was on a "date" with "Al." Man, my quotation mark key is getting a workout tonight. Jack tells him that they might need Al to cooperate, and though Tom has the very worst poker face in the history of faces -- looking too stern but with eyes too wide -- he asks Jack why he's there. Jack tells him that he thought he recognized a voice, and that there's a chance this could become public so anyone who has any connection might want to talk to their families beforehand. Ah, so Tom does get it, and he thanks Jack. But that's not all -- Jack asks if he has enemies in the Justice Department. Well, of course he does, or this wouldn't be very interesting, would it? He put a couple of guys in jail when he was on the anti-corruption force. Tom asks how he answered the request for the tapes and Jack tells him there's legitimate grounds to oppose it. Tom is happy with the answer and tells Jack he likes his fire -- that he'll need that when he runs for a full term as D.A. Jack asks, "I'm running for D.A.?" Tom just smirks and tells him to stay in touch.

Frank and his lawyer meet with Connie and Cutter, and Frank denies ever having the conversation with Shanelle. They take off and C&C tell Jack that they need to find Al, so that it's not just Frank versus Shanelle (junkies don't garner much confidence) on the stand. Jack asks how it's coming, and so far they have nothing. Connie's on her computer and notices that a blog is reporting that Jack is being investigated -- someone is claiming he used taxpayer money to fly to California and see his daughter. He tells them it was a conference and that his daughter drove up from San Diego for dinner. Cutter believes him, but Connie cuts in to tell them that it says the Attorney General might get a grand jury to investigate.

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