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Cutter goes to see Jack in his office, who gets off the phone and reports that it's nothing, but that they have to order an audit. Cutter tells him he has a friend "in the blogosphere" -- yes, because any of us with blogs all hang out and have secret handshakes and everything! -- and she traced the post to a PR firm, Swan & Poltek. Jack knows them -- they handle the Governor's campaign. Cutter is surprised that they would put this out without the Guv's knowledge, and then comments that he thought Jack was the Guv's "fair-haired boy." Finally, he asks what's going on. Jack says that someone is sending him a message, and has Cutter close the door. He tells him everything while Cutter gapes, and says that this is clearly Tom warning Jack that if he doesn't protect him, he can forget about running for D.A. Cutter asks if he's running, then, and Jack tells him he hadn't decided not to run. Funny, because when he asked that in Tom's office, it sounded like he was getting blackmailed IN to running and wasn't that keen on the idea. Cutter starts having a hissyfit, mad that Jack practically committed witness tampering by not telling Cutter about his conversation with and letter to Tom, and that now he might not even be able to use him as a witness if he wanted to. Jack tells him to get mad tomorrow, because "I can't fight you and the governor at the same time." Cutter tells him he could win that fight by handing over Tom to the feds, but Jack explains that the feds made a deal with a violent criminal just to get to Tom, that it's personal, and that he won't do their dirty work. Cutter adds, "And jeopardize your job." Jack asks him for a little credit, but Cutter is all up on his high horse and shoots off that he's not the one getting his nuts squeezed, before flouncing out the door in a self-righteous huff.

Jack goes to see Tom, who acts all dumb and mildly outraged, but Jack tells him to cut the crap, reminding him that he came to do the decent thing and to allow Tom to settle things with his family before the shit hit the fan. Tom promises that's not going to happen, and threatens that Jack can't keep being D.A. without his support before ordering him to keep protecting him.

Jack seems to have accepted that, and tells the feds they can't have the paperwork. They have a very polite pissing match until one of them tells Jack they've read the blogs and know what's up, that he's the governor's puppet. He just sends them on their way. But...they aren't wrong. He then goes to make things right, and gives Cutter and Connie Tom's name for their witness list, just telling them not to give it to the defense until they know it will help the case. Connie goggles at the guv's name, and Cutter tells him "apology accepted." Jack is just sick that he tried to talk to him and let sentiment cloud his judgment. Cutter's confused, though, since Jack wouldn't give the feds the tapes. Jack goes vengeful -- he tells Cutter he wants to be the one to take Tom down.

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