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That night, Tom follows Jack home to demand to know why he just got a subpoena. Jack tells him that he told Cutter to do it, and that he gave Tom a chance to talk to his family. Tom starts to sound a little psycho as he growls that his private life is no one's business, but Jack just tells him he has ten days. He also won't listen to Tom's threats about how he's only D.A. now because of his support: "I would rather be an unemployed lawyer than a well-fed pet." Tom turns to leave and says he had high hopes for Jack, which makes Jack snap. He yells that he had high hopes for Tom, he trusted him, and how could he do this to the people that worked for him? He tells him sadly, losing his fire, that he respected him. Suddenly this has the slightly uncomfortable air of a lover's quarrel.

At the trial, Suzanne testifies that Frank had come to her about coming into the family business, and that he was afraid to tell their father. She agreed to speak to Edgar with him, but Edgar was really hard on him. Eventually, though, he said Frank could do it if it was okay with Madison. Frank's lawyer has her admit that Madison wasn't thrilled but he didn't object, and throws out that the idea he was sabotaging Frank is pure speculation, withdrawing it but driving it into the jury's mind like any good lawyer. Cutter then gets her to say that she wouldn't have welcomed Frank back if she knew he was running an escort service.

Rita, Tom's wife, shows up at Jack's office and asks Jack to lay off for the sake of their young sons. She promises Tom won't run for reelection and that they'll retire from public life, but Jack tells her he can't. Rita admits she wants to punch Tom, but that she won't be the wife who publicly stands by her man while he grovels for forgiveness: "I won't be humiliated." Jack feels for her, but the show still hasn't changed his mind. The ominous music says that this might be a bad move on his part.

Shanelle is on the stand ineloquently telling them how Frank threatened to hurt her if she had said anything about Frank to Madison. Frank's lawyer gets up, however, and gets her to admit that she sold drugs to some of the customers for extra cash and had her pay docked as a result. He suggests her testimony here is just to punish Frank. This poor actress has to work too hard to sound like an airhead and just winds up overpronouncing her words clumsily. It's rather awkward as she yells that she's not a bad person.

Cutter and Connie tell Jack that the spectacle was ugly and that they have to have Tom testify about what he heard. They'll file that night and give Tom the weekend to prepare for his testimony Monday. But before the sentence is fully out of his mouth, Connie gets an e-mail that Frank's lawyer wants a meeting immediately. Oh my, whatever could this be? Incredibly, Frank wants to plead guilty, but he'll only do it if they offer a sentence that moment. C&C are confused, but Cutter offers 20 to life and they accept. Cutter reminds Frank's lawyer that he just demolished Cutter's witness, but he replies that juries can be so unpredictable. Ah, but a cornered governor can offer pardons so easily, can't he? Seriously, how can this occur to me, with all of my legal experience being a single, shortened season of this show, and not to a supposedly very intelligent district attorney? They tell Jack, and he orders them to find out how Tom's people got to Frank.

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