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They bring in Edgar, who apparently visited Frank in jail for the first time in three months. He tries to pass it off that he was telling Frank that he'll support him, but it doesn't hold as much water when their last exchange was Edgar telling a judge that Frank could rot in prison. Apparently Edgar is back running Madison & Beezley because Suzanne didn't want to, and he tells them that the company always passes from father to son. Cutter reminds him that his son is now busy for the next 20 years, so Edgar just tries to sound fatherly as he says that no matter the age, a boy needs to know his dad loves him. "It took a mother with sons to remind me of that." Oh, COME ON, show! Are you extra clunky because it's like the last hour of school before summer vacation? Cutter repeats the line to Connie.

Jack then goes to visit Rita at their home, and asks her straight-up if she went to Edgar. Rita will only tell him that he got what he wanted and a murderer is in jail, and Jack asks if that's only until Tom commute's Frank's sentence. She'll only tell him that family and public service are the most important things, saying "we" have a lot more to accomplish. Jack notes that, and asks if it's about her ambitions, too. Tom comes merrily down the stairs and Rita straightens his tie and says Jack just told her the case ended in a plea bargain. It's always so strange to see this weird, genteel fighting where no one wants to speak the truth even behind closed doors. Tom uses the same words as Frank's lawyer about juries being unpredictable, and Jack angrily calls him a son of a bitch. Tom offers that he can threaten, resign or just move on. Tom then tells him to be his guest when the feds break ground on a new building, the land being leased to them by the state for only a dollar. And just as I was about to make my own righteous comment about the tapes still existing! Both Jack and I have been foiled.

Cutter gets off the phone and tells Jack that the feds withdrew the request for the tapes, and Jack tells him about the deal. Connie then comes in and announces that Shanelle's been deported back to Brazil and Richie is in witness protection. It looks like Tom tied up all the loose ends -- he paid for everything in cash and used assumed names. Jack asks, if he only used assumed names, how they're sure it was even him? Cutter tells Connie to show Jack the name he used to book a room -- John McCoy. Jack drily notes Tom's sense of humor. Cutter, extremely contrite, tells Jack he's Tom's enemy now, and to let Cutter know what he can do. He then walks out the door while Jack kicks back with a big sigh. And with that, another season is over and Dick Wolf celebrates with a vacation on a private island, in a villa with a roof thatched with Benjamins.

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