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Anita shows up for one of her glorious scenes this week to ask them if they figured out where Burns spent $800 dollars in the hour he had between withdrawing the money and getting whacked. Green explains that he met scam artists who took his wallet and all the money he could get, and then guesses that they went back and killed him trying to get a PIN for another card they found. Anita pointedly asks if the "bored housewife" is still looking for company, so...BUM BUM! Green's picking her up in a bar. Lupo watches as Green meets Linda. She wants to go to his room, but he cuts to the chase and asks her about Burns. Lupo catches her when she tries to run, and they pull out their badges and open up her purse to find a video camera. They tell her to call her partner or take the fall all alone, and a hot second later they have the guy in an interview room.

Her partner looks like he picked up hairstyling ideas from Christian on Project Runway, but he wasn't actually fierce enough to really commit to the look, and instead landed on looking like he just rolled out of bed and into some gel before getting hauled in. He acts dumb and cocky until they mention the murder, and he seems genuinely terrified and confused. In another room, Linda talks about the rush of ripping guys off. Green doesn't get as turned on by this as she seems to think he should. But they ripped off another guy that night, crossing toll bridges in her car with an EZ Pass, so they're able to track it and confirm that the two were not around to actually kill Burns. After the interviews, Lupo and Green settle in with Anita to watch the secret blackmail video that Linda took of Burns. It shows him chickening out of actually sleeping with her, and then a man pounds on the door, yelling. Anita has them rewind and remarks that the guy banging on the door has a Southern accent. Green adds that whoever it is really wants to talk to Dr. Garrison -- and never once does anyone sound surprised, or enlightened, or anything about the fact that a Dr. Garrison has not yet to this point been mentioned. Anita supposes that maybe the killer killed the wrong doctor, but it feels like she decided that by the accent and not the name he was yelling. It's kind of a nothing point, but it's annoying nonetheless.

They go to visit Dr. Garrison, who was an instructor at the conference. He knew Dr. Burns -- there was a mix-up and Burns didn't have a hotel room, so Garrison gave him his, and in turn stayed at his house since it was so close. He sounds appropriately confused and baffled at the idea that someone might have been after him, telling the boys that he no longer performs surgery, just does consults and research and is about to retire. He also plays a lot of golf, including at Myrtle Beach. At the office, they look him up and find no complaints against him, but they do find that six years previously he bailed his meth-dealing daughter out of jail in South Carolina. She's at a halfway house in White Plains, so they go to pay her a visit.

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