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Don't do meth! The makeup artists certainly did a good job making that point -- this girl is HAGGARD. She tells them she did her five years in New York, since her dad arranged to have her transferred there from South Carolina to look the hero. They don't get along, as evidenced by the fact that he didn't attend her sobriety ceremony on August 9 since he was playing golf in South Carolina. She admits that she got caught when someone called in an anonymous tip, and that some of her friends thought it was her dad. Back they go to Garrison's house to question him again, and he claims he didn't tell them about her because he thought it would upset her. He tells the sad tale of her descent into drugs and says that after his wife's death, he had her transferred to be close to him -- a golfing buddy of his was a warden who was able to pull some strings. He then claims he missed her sobriety ceremony because she never actually invited him; she only thinks she did because of her poor, faulty, drug-addled brain. He also denies that her meth friends could be going after him since they're still in jail, and tries to point the detectives back to Burns being the target.

Green and Lupo just go back to Anita, more suspicious that the attempt on Garrison's life has to do with something in South Carolina, so she sends them on a field trip. Because for one thing, it's actually really hard to get a prisoner (Maggie) moved to another state, but for another thing, that angry guy had a Southern accent. I'd take a moment to point out that there's probably more than one person at a time in New York with a Southern accent and that the emphasis still seems like it should be placed on other evidence, but I'm really too tired by it all.

Green's talking to a cop at the Hilton Head police station (he has a Southern accent! Maybe he did it!), who gives him the rundown on Maggie and expresses doubt that low-grade meth addicts would have the wherewithal to go all the way to New York to kill someone. Lupo, meanwhile, is staring at a bulletin board with a calendar on it, where certain dates have big gold stars. It looks very much like the bulletin board up in the office at my elementary school that was customized for each different month. However, at my school the gold stars didn't mean execution dates, like they do here. Lupo sees an article tacked up and asks about one in particular -- Lionel Hardigan, who had killed a father and his two kids. His lethal injection went wrong and he didn't actually die; instead he is now a vegetable living in the prison hospital. I love the Sheriff's comment: "That one oughta get half a star." Coincidentally, the date of the execution is the same date that Garrison was "golfing" in South Carolina. They go and speak to the warden (accent!) who tells them that South Carolina law protects the anonymity of anyone who participates in an execution, so he can't tell them who it was that helped out. When they pry a bit and Green finally asks if he can tell them that they're on the wrong track, he says everyone is mad about the botched execution; some were mad that Hardigan suffered too much, and others were mad that it wasn't enough. Afterward, there was also a fight between Hardigan's brother Shane and Jamie Yost, whose son and grandchildren Hardigan killed. Yost had been there to watch Hardigan die.

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