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Yost has an accent too -- maybe it was him! Okay, well, so this time it might actually mean something. He tells Lupo and Green about the fight, but brushes it off, saying Shane couldn't do anything worse than what had already happened. So they toddle off to visit Shane, a thin, mousy, creepy guy who has spent his time trying to make a case against South Carolina for torturing his brother. He tells them that he's sure a doctor didn't administer the injection, because if they saw his brother now, they'd know that no doctor could do that to another human being. He claims to have never been to New York. After talking to him, Lupo and Green go back to the hotel, where Lupo's unshaven half-smile charms yet another young female, this time the receptionist. She happily gives them all sorts of information, namely that Garrison was in town on a number of various dates which they know happen to be the same dates as all the executions. If that weren't enough, Garrison's room was booked by the Warden. She also offers that they aren't the first to ask about Garrison, and that another man was there to get his info to "write a thank-you note." Apparently wanting us to think that Southerners are dumb, she offered Garrison's name right up, though not his address, but that's only because she didn't have it. When they show her a picture from the paper, she fingers Yost as the guy who asked. They go back to Yost's house; he acts dumb until they explain that Garrison is still alive and Burns was killed instead. They ask him if he did it, but he finally clams up and requests a lawyer.

Someone at Law & Order casting must like Mad Men because this week another one of their lovely actresses makes an appearance: Maggie Siff is playing Yost's lawyer. She sings his sad song to the judge, who perks up when he hears that it revolves around an execution. Connie explains it all and requests no bail, which he grants, explaining that they're going to trial immediately and that he'll be taking the case. (Something about convenient plot devices, er, I mean, "rotations.") In the office, Jack explains to Connie and Cutter that he did that because he's strongly opposed to the death penalty, and asks how it would affect the case. They don't know, but Cutter's confident that his evidence places Garrison as the doctor at the execution. Jack sends them on their own Southern field trip to get info on Yost's psyche to present to the jury.

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