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That earns her a trip to the local station, where she reiterates that she hasn't been in contact with Chrissy. They bring up the verbal slip but she still denies knowing where she is. Eventually she admits that a guy came looking for her on Saturday, and confirms when Lupo shows a photo that it was Eric. He told her the same thing, that Bob was tricking her. She then ominously says that when a girl is as pretty as Chrissy, men will say anything. I'm not sure it's being pretty so much as it's posting pictures of yourself in your skivvies on Faceb... I mean, on Outside the room, they speak to a local D.A. who tells the boys and Connie that Chrissy is a suspected runaway who was into drugs, sex, and hanging with an older crowd, just like her mama. Lupo needs to say out loud that he doesn't believe Donna's story, because the rest of us clearly swallowed it hook, line, and sinker and needed to be warned. The local cop tells them he'll get them a search warrant for Donna's house -- when Connie points out they don't have cause, he just tells them, "My town, my warrant." I get the feeling by his blustery tone that he enjoys being a big fish in a small pond. At the house they find shopping bags from Victoria's Secret, bebe, and Diesel but closets full of bargain-basement stuff. There's also a mounting bracket on the wall for a big TV. Lupo guesses she couldn't carry it by herself and wonders if the stove-fixer, Ronnie, helped her out.

Law time! Connie tells Jack and Cutter that Ronnie helped move the stuff into a locker on the Tuesday after Eric's death, and that the value of the goods adds up to about $60K, aka the amount Bob sent in traveler's checks. Cutter explains the new theory, that Donna was running a con, getting a sucker by posting sexy pictures of her daughter. Their murder theory is a bit strung together with hope here, and I can't quite keep track, but they can't get Donna to talk to see if she knew what Bob was up to. They can't indict her on fraud, even with the locker full of goods, because the local D.A. says that Bob sent the money willingly so they weren't gotten illegally. Cutter and Connie then manipulate Jack into thinking it's his idea to say something to the governor, with whom he has an afternoon meeting.

The governor, played by Tom Everett Scott, pulls some strings, promises the Plattsburgh D.A. money that he didn't know was already promised to the mayor, and he agrees to cooperate. They then get back to talking about a crime bill.

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