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Cutter questions Lupo on the stand, who just says what we know already, and that each time Bob sent money the same amount was then deposited in Donna's account. Donna's lawyer then gets him to say that they also arrested Bob in the murder and that he pleaded guilty to a lesser charge, but that he was the one who killed Eric with a baseball bat. From the desk, Donna eyes her lawyer like a hungry cougar. Bob then describes how he killed Eric, and Cutter than asks him what Donna said in the phone conversation they had earlier. Donna's lawyer tries to object and they argue about if it's hearsay or not until Bob interrupts them to say he can't remember, and he starts to ham it up trying to recall what they said. Donna smirks once all this starts, and Bob goes on to say that she didn't tell him anything about Eric. When Cutter recounts what he told them, about "Chrissy" threatening to never communicate with Bob again if he didn't tell Eric, Bob bluntly says that he was lying. Sneering, he says that his wife had just told him she was leaving with the kids, he hadn't slept in weeks, he'd never been to prison and he was scared and desperate. Donna practically wiggles with glee as her smile grows. Bob claims he overheard Eric at work telling someone where he'd be (though earlier Dale said that Eric hasn't said anything of the sort, because he would have been bragging if he had a date) and that the murder was all him and not Chrissy. Back at the office Cutter rails about it all but Connie notes that Bob had said Chrissy had nothing to do with it, not Donna. They realize that he's back on Planet Bob, covering up for the girl who doesn't exist, and that Donna must have gotten to him somehow. Cutter wonders how, as they're in different jails with no communication and Jack awesomely tells him he must still believe in the Easter Bunny, then says to check their cells and visitor logs and find the go-between.

Donna certainly picked a guy for his ability to blindly follow directions rather than his brains. A neighbor, Carl, who claims to have no knowledge that she's on trial for murder, accepted a collect call from her, telling him to send a letter to a P.O. box. That letter was to Bob, saying that Chrissy was okay and that Donna was just covering for her, and that Bob should do the right thing. He then reveals that Chrissy stayed with him for a little while after she ran away. When Lupo asks if underage girls stayed over a lot, Carl tells them nothing like that happened and that they sound like Donna, who had a jealous streak. She and Chrissy were also having problems. Carl and Donna were seeing each other and would still hook up from time to time, the most recent being a few weeks previously, during a big thaw, when she came over worried that Carl's basement might be flooding. As one doesn't normally worry about a neighbor's basement, the boys go to check it out. Bernard finds some fresh earth probably disturbed by the "thaw." And underneath that dirt, they find a human bone.

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