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Connie tells Jack (natty in a tuxedo) and Cutter that the dental records confirm it was Chrissy, and Cutter supplies that Donna probably went crazy when she realized Chrissy was staying at her boyfriend's house. Donna then pretended to be Chrissy to get money from men, then had Eric killed and had Bob take the fall for the entire thing to protect Chrissy, who was already killed by Donna. A perfect circle created by, as Jack nicely sums up, a sociopath. But apparently the Plattsburgh D.A. is charging Carl with Chrissy's murder, given that it was his basement and that he was involved with an underage girl. Jack asks how they know it wasn't him and Cutter's solid answer is, "The woman's a murderer." He then asks Jack if he's seeing the governor again tonight, nudge nudge.

Tom tells him that it's up to the D.A., that he overstepped his bounds before and can't do it again now. Tom's wife then comes to say hi and ask after Jack's daughter, who is now in San Diego. She leaves, and Tom asks him if it would help to mention that he's taking a personal interest in the case before leaving himself. Donna's lawyer laughs to hear that, not threatened at all by the governor's "interest." Donna doesn't seem worried at all, and asks Cutter if Carl asked about her. Connie's jaw almost literally drops at this. When Cutter shoves a picture of Chrissy's skeleton in Donn'a face, she only says in a dreamy tone that she's been gone for so long, she knew in her bones that Chrissy was dead, and that she's already mourned so much, this is just closure. Outside, Cutter tells Connie that they need to get Bob to flip, but that seems impossible since he's in denial and thinks Chrissy's remains are a trick. He tells her he needs her to go back to Plattsburgh, "And bring a box."

Bob is brought to Cutter's office -- his lawyer has allowed them to talk privately, because he's a really shitty lawyer, I guess. Bob doesn't want to talk to him, but Cutter says he doesn't have to but that nothing he says can be used against him. Bob claims he has nothing to say, so Cutter picks up the conversation to say he thinks Bob made bad mistakes but that he understands he just wanted to protect Chrissy. He pulls out her photos and starts to read some of what she wrote, recounting some of the personal details she gave about herself, including breaking her arm once. He's got the x-ray and shows it to Bob, and then actually PRODUCES HER ARM BONE to point out where you can see the break in the x-ray, so that Bob can see the break in the actual bone and know it's really hers. That certainly wasn't supposed to be funny, but it was just so awesomely Flintstones and unexpected. Over Bob's protests, Cutter tries to convince him that Chrissy is really dead. He then plays his ace, pointing out that she had a chipped tooth, and then UNWRAPPING HER SKULL to show Bob the tooth. Oh my God, this is awesome. Never in a million years did I think that weecapping this show would mean describing the dramatic unveiling of a skull. Bob starts to freak while Cutter yells at him that his sacrifice is all for nothing, and that he's only protecting Donna, adding that Chrissy would want him to help get her mother. Cutter lets Bob's lawyer back in to deal with his whimpering client and tells Connie dramatically, "Chrissy's real now."

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