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In court, Cutter recalls Bob to the stand. He comes in and has used a palmful of hair grease for the occasion, slicking his hair to his head like a protective helmet. He tells Donna on his way to the stand that he loved Chrissy more than she ever did. Donna tells him he's an idiot who didn't even know her. She's not wrong, but hey, he's still going to nail you for murder, lady.

Jack is in the governor's office when he gets the call with the guilty verdict. He passes on the info and adds that the Plattsburgh D.A. has realized that it's she and not Carl who should be charged in the murder. The governor just tells Jackthat it's a big state and that he should be glad he's only in charge of a small part. ...Tom, I'm sorry, but after seeing you play drums for the Wonders, I just am not buying that you govern the state of New York. Given that you're a known actor, I'm guessing that you'll appear next week, so we'll see if you can sell me on it then. But right now I'm just waiting for you to whip out some shades and play a little jazz beat on the secret drum set under your desk.

["Oh, he's coming back next week all a ripped-from-the-headlines episode about the Governor Spitzer prostitute scandal! And when he tries to bring Jack down with him, he earns the wrath of Sam Waterston! ...We will likely never see him again." - Zach]

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