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Quit Claim

Anita and the rest of the crew have been listening to everything in a van outside, but their happiness is short-lived; Kim comes out of the building without Langdon. Lupo picks her up, and she tells him she thinks Langdon suspects something, and said he'd meet her in Brooklyn. She also drops that someone named Nicky will be there too, then blandly says she wants to go home and forget everything, and lets herself out of the car. The boys head over and find nothing, then get a phone call that shots were fired at the cigar club.

It's a dead man's party over there, with Langdon and Nicky both having died of gunshot wounds and the cash from Green gone. Outside there's another victim, but this is one of the robbers who has himself been robbed, and he's got lipstick on his face. They figure it's Kim, and head over to her place to arrest her. She's just been washing her hair, or blood off her hands, or whatever, and though she acts confused, she doesn’t actually deny anything and her whole demeanor is a bit weird as they arrest her and lead her away in her bathrobe.

She's in court for obstruction of justice, and plays the dumb innocent to the hilt, pleading "not guilty" before the judge can finish the question. Her court-appointed lawyer is a guy named Burbitoff, and she starts whispering requests and instructions in his ear. He and Connie argue over her bail, expositing that she's only had any sort of traceable history for about six months. Connie requests a material witness warrant regarding the real estate scam, and it's granted; to counter, Kim requests protective custody.

She's at the hotel unpacking and bitching while Connie and Cutter question her. Cutter says the robber who was killed was Bobby Sinclair, who escaped from prison four years earlier. Cutter vows to get her; she plays wide-eyed innocent, still with a touch of apathy, and her lawyer tells them he'll try to get the material witness thing dismissed. This freaks Connie out since she knows Kim will disappear if she gets out on bail, and she goes to the cops for help. They find a Kim Brody who grew up in an orphanage and disappeared, and a woman named Claire Tomlin who helped Bobby Sinclair escape from prison. Claire's picture looks nothing like Kim, but they will run it through facial recognition software, and will have results in 48 hours as to if it could be her. (Dude, I've watched Las Vegas and facial recognition software totally works in a few seconds. Do you not have a program as good as the Montecito Casino's?) The motion hearing is that afternoon, but Connie cryptically says to print Claire's picture and she'll try to "poke the judge in the eye." I certainly hope that's figurative.

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