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Connie goes to talk to Anita and the boys about making an example of Carlin if he's involved in the ring. Turns out he's a wine consultant and Anita says it best: "Nothing like watching a couple of dogs tear each other to pieces while sipping a nice chardonnay." There's tension since she seems unconvinced that this is a murder case, seeing as they have no body, which Green doesn't like since he seems to think she's just doing it for good public opinion. She points out that regardless, they have a case about appalling animal cruelty and wants to show rich guys can't just get away with this with a fine. I'm Team Connie tonight, as is Lupo. Anita sends them off to talk about the dogs.

Carlin defensively assures them he's not involved, and has them ask his buddy Marty about it since Marty was there when Carlin went to meet Mackey. When they doubt Marty's ability to tell the truth, Carlin admits they can also talk to his estranged wife who is still living in Marty's townhouse and heard them talking, assuring them she won't cover for either of the guys. I suppose if there's a silver lining, you wouldn't have any second thoughts about your divorce after hearing something like that... Ah, turns out Marty is Mr. Shifty from the meeting. When they ask to speak to his wife, he says she's at her sister's in Miami. Ah, Miami -- looks remarkably like a dog's stomach this time of year. He then backtracks and says she doesn't know where she is. They go and check out her bathroom where she's left her toothbrush even though she's supposedly traveling. She also has a bottle of nail polish that corresponds nicely to the shade on the mystery finger.

Marty files a missing persons report with Green, who fires all sorts of disbelieving questions at him. He seems worried only at what's happening and not really about her being gone, and it comes up that they're basically fighting over the townhome. Aw, her name is Lauren! It's like a mini shout-out. From someone who really doesn't like these weecaps. They aren't so lucky with the DNA from Lauren's toothbrush, that only sort of matches, definitely not conclusively. And it turns out the chemical on the finger was chlorine. Green then gets a call to carry us nicely to the next scene with Lauren's sister here from Miami. She both hates Marty and insists that Lauren wouldn't go away without telling anyone, and as she makes a list of friends she begins to cry that she knows something has happened. She then asks what she can do, which turns out to be making a plea for her on the news. They watch the news at the station, which includes Lara conducting an interview with Marty, who is offering a $100,000 reward for information. Anita gets them brainstorming, as she does, and between the finger showing up in another county, no blood in the townhome, and the fact that Marty would know about DNA, begins to think he didn't do it. She sends them to talk to the lawyer to find out if the divorce was friendly, as Marty claimed.

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