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The next morning, Jack walks into the office and is handed a glass of wine by Cutter. They have a wine chemist, Parsons, on hand to talk about the vanilla and persimmon notes as well as the tannins. I suppose this is also why I wouldn't buy a $30K bottle of wine -- trying to recognize the ingredients is a talent I don't seem to have whatsoever. I love wine, I just can't pinpoint why, apparently. Basically, Parsons can tell that the wine in this supposed $2,000 bottle is fake, and they realize that Carlin has been running a scam selling counterfeit wine. Cutter points out it's the perfect crime since the people buying don't know how the expensive wine is supposed to taste, and so they don't know they've been duped. I feel this is another point to add to my "not worth it" argument against buying these bottles. I mean, unless I have so much money that I'm sitting in a solid-gold suit on a sofa upholstered with diamonds, I'm going to go with the $80 wine that had been poured into the $2,000 bottle. (Okay, let's be honest. I'm going to go with the Two Buck Chuck, actually.) He has to use the chlorine to cork them like they did in the years when the wine was supposedly bottled. This is all well and good, but Jack points out the problem, which is that they might have just arraigned the wrong guy.

Cutter takes care of that by claiming to the judge that he has to fill in for someone else in court that day, and asks for the jury selection to begin the next morning. Marty's lawyer is pissed, which the judge points out is unusual for the lawyer of a murder defendant, so she grudgingly agrees. Cutter goes off to fill in on some totally easy motion and sends Connie to light a fire under Lupo and Green to find evidence at Carlin's house that afternoon. No rush. Green's a bit nervous since the warrant is to look for body parts, so Connie tells him blandly to look for body parts, starting in his datebook. They don't find any fingers, but they find the letter "D" written on a lot of weekends. Lupo finds a video with "D" on it as well, and Jack and Cutter watch it back at the office -- "D" stands for "Lara." The video is them in bed, and she tells him it's time to move in together, which is clearly something they've talked about before and he always pushes off. Cutter tells Jack that the part that came earlier, "You aren't old enough to see." Hee. It may be easy, but it doesn't get old. Jack asks if their relationship was enough for her to help Carlin frame Marty for murder, and Cutter has to admit he was totally taken by her zeal for the truth and totally played. Jack's actually really classy about it and notes that's because the zeal for the truth is like Cutter, and tells him he's not the first lawyer that's happened to. He even admits it happened to him.

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