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Cutter's trap worked beautifully, and when Carlin and Lara start to snoop around the kennel for the footprints later that night, Cabrera catches them and arrests them for trespassing. Once at the station, they're joined by Cutter and Connie. Cutter is savoring getting back at the woman who was able to push his buttons, and admits that there were no footprints -- it's the first time Lara has looked any less than perfectly contained. Carlin demands his lawyer so Cabrera offers to put on a movie while they wait. Connie holds up the sex tape so Lara can see it and she gets more uncomfortable, but Cabrera puts on the video of them trespassing and talking about the nonexistent footprints and his previous trip to there. But the last straw for her, of all things, was that the wine was actually counterfeit. Murder, pshaw, but don't give this woman a bad glass of vino. She then offers to help Cutter, and he reminds her of all the "help" she's already given. Lara starts to offer real help, crying, and Cutter comments that this must be the submission signal. He whispers, "But I'm not like the other dogs. I don't stop." My goodness, is it warm in here? That was one sexy little moment for Cutter. He orders her to be arrested for perjury and hindering prosecution and leaves while she cries.

Back at court, the judge can't believe that they are dropping the charge. But when Cutter explains that they charged someone else and have a motion hearing -- and when Carlin and Lara are brought in so Marty can see them both -- he declares, "I love it when the system works." He bids Marty adieu and gives him Cutter's "profound apologies," which Cutter agrees to. Outside the room, Connie points out that if she wasn't a slut and an accessory to murder, Lara and Cutter might have really hit it off. If I hadn't already read that this episode was originally intended to air as the seventh episode of the season, that right there would have tipped me off right there since the dynamic between these two has gotten so much different lately. Ah, sexual tension.

Perhaps as a move to wrap up the nauseating dog fighting aspect of the episode, outside Lupo clips a leash on a white pit-bull type dog who wiggles and tries to lick him, and turns to walk him home. It's the most my heart has been warmed at the end of an episode this season, by far, and I think I'll be able to sleep now.

And sometime, Dick Wolf... well, let's face it. Dick Wolf is probably enjoying a glass of $30,000 wine right now.

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