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Clearly not content to leave anything else up to Lupo and Green, Connie and Cutter go themselves to interview the witness, Tabitha. She's sporting quite a shiner as she tells them about hearing a couple going at it in the other room. The only person she actually saw that night was Sugar dumping a bag of garbage after all the noise had subsided. They didn't speak, but Tabitha tells them somewhat grudgingly that "her man" Timmy went over to Sugar's room, as he was wont to do. She tells them Timmy's currently in jail due to the state of her face, and assures them that this time she's pressing charges.

And with a jump we're at the jail with Connie and Cutter, talking to Timmy. He claims he might have seen something, then hints that jail is so crowded and he'd like the room emptier. It's a horribly clumsy set-up that doesn't actually work, but he's trying to get some time alone with Connie. But since it's in the script, she gets it and sends Cutter away, mainly because they're going to need to bring up this situation in an argument later. Once they're alone, Timmy explains that when he was arrested, he also had just the teeniest amount of drugs on him, and that if those charges went away his memory might return.

Jack doesn't have much to do this week; his purpose is to go visit the Bronx DA's office to tell them about Timmy's requested deal. The ADA told Jack he wouldn't do it, so Jack is now there to try and make it work. They exchange barbs to illustrate their strained relationship and different backgrounds, but stay cordial like the civilized people they are. Delgado, the Bronx DA, thinks about it and then offers that if Jack will fix one of his guys' parking tickets, he'll, as Jack puts it, "Help [him] convict a rapist/murderer." Well, they say parking in the city can be murder, so that's a fair trade, right? See what I did there? Maybe? Let's just move on like Jack does; he takes the unexpected gift and runs with it.

Timmy, memory now nice and drug-charge free, shows Connie and Carla around the crime scene and describes what he saw. Being the top-notch fellow that he is, he went over to try and pick up Sugar once all the noise had died down. Tito was gone and he didn't see Anne-Marie, since she was supposedly in the bathroom at the end of the hall, but he did see that there was something moving and yelping in a duffel bag half-under Sugar's bed, which he assumed was another dog she brought home. Dude, the chartreuse tights were ugly, but "dog" is a little harsh, don't you think? For those who couldn't follow, Connie mutters, "My God, Anne-Marie was still alive," and Cutter adds, "And [Sugar] was all alone with her." Connie remembers the detail about Sugar throwing out her trash, so they call Lupo and Green back to do some disgusting investigating.

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