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Triumphantly, Lupo strides into the office holding a plastic bag with a hair dryer, which he announces is the murder weapon; it still has Anne-Marie's blood on it. Interestingly, though, it turns out that only Sugar's prints are present, not Tito's. Cutter figures it out and explains for all of us watching at home that Tito thought he killed Anne-Marie and went out to find a place to dump the body; while he was gone, Sugar realized she was still alive and finished the job off in a jealous rage. It's enough to give Lupo and Green the opportunity to once again arrest her for the murder, this time at her parents' house so that she can scream for her dad to help her as they put her in the car.

For a change of pace this week, we see the less sexy side of trials: jury selection. It's nonstop action, folks, as Cutter takes slips of paper and asks a couple of questions of potential jurors and decides if he wants them or not. One guy there has somewhat unkempt greasy hair and a slightly uncomfortable demeanor, so we know he's going to be bad news. He answers that he'd been arrested once at a demonstration and was ticked that he was then held for three days. Connie doesn't want to keep him, but Cutter for some reason wants him there, so onto the jury he goes. Tito's at the other table watching the whole thing nervously, and when Cutter keeps Juror # Creepy, Mr. Campbell, Tito leans over and whispers to his lawyer. In the office, Connie tells Jack and Cutter that Tito wants a deal. He'll plead to rape and attempted murder and testify against Sugar. Cutter, always the optimist, thinks he can get him for murder as an accomplice. But after some talking, they convince Tito to take the deal, both to get him behind bars and to have a better chance of nailing Sugar.

Back at court, Cutter examines Timmy, who testifies to the bag and the yelping. Sugar's lawyer then tries to cast doubt by asking Timmy about the deal he struck. In the moment of silence following, the camera shows us that Juror # Creepy is staring not at the witness but at Connie. As they talk about their plans for the next day while they walk out of the courthouse later, Cutter suggests to Connie that she be the one to question Tito. She's flattered and slightly suspicious, but agrees, and Cutter explains that the "feminine touch" will soften the jury. Sexist? Maybe. But in a job like this where you do what you can to nail criminals, also realistic, I'd think. Up on the stand, Tito slimes through his testimony about how he wanted to make Sugar jealous, and Sugar squirms in her seat, visibly shrinking with each verbal blow. He claims that he told Sugar to leave, but she didn't want to leave him alone with Anne-Marie, so she stayed and watched the rape. As Connie turns to make a point to the jury, Juror # Creepy is staring at her intensely, but she doesn't seem to think anything of it. Tito then finishes up his testimony by explaining that when Anne-Marie tried to run away, he tried to push her down to stop her and she hit her head on the table, at which point he thought she was dead. The rest we've already gone through, and he corroborates what he can.

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