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Jonathan freezetalks that he really likes Deborah, and that the times he's made fun of her, it was to stop people making fun of him instead. Jonathan decides that he likes big, and that she's going to be his girlfriend. He walks up to Deborah and says, "I'm in." Deborah asks if he's sure, or if he's just saying it so they can make out tonight and then he'll dump her tomorrow. Jonathan says that's not the case. Deborah gives him a big kiss. Jonathan asks if she wants to head to the bushes, and Deborah agrees, but only after everyone gets a glimpse of her new boyfriend.

Dino's dad and Extraneous Brother work at the rib stand. Dino joins them and dons an apron, saying that his plans changed. The three male Whitman family members work together. Nearby, Ben walks through the carnival and smiles to himself. He spots Dino, who shakes his head no. Ben shakes his head in response, but then spots Jonathan and Deborah walking around holding hands. Jonathan sees them. Dino and Ben both give Jonathan a nod of respect and, I guess, acceptance. I'm surprised they didn't feature Deborah pigging out at the rib stand, since she's such a hog.

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Life As We Know It




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