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Pilot Junior

Miss Young gives Ben a ride. Not like that. Yet. He thanks her for being cool in the liquor store, but gives her shit for being inconsistent. She admits he has a point, and then says that he doesn't know her yet. Ben freezetalks that she says "yet" like he will know her in the future. Ben's cell rings, so he picks it up. Dino says he has to cancel the party because his parents aren't going away. Ben promises to take care of it. Dino hears Miss Young's ovary music and asks what Ben is listening to. Ben stammers something as Miss Young turns up the radio. It's like she wants to get caught. Ben says he has to go before Dino gets too suspicious. Ben tells Miss Young that he's free tonight, and Miss Young says that she's not. Ben is disappointed and Miss Young says that he can tag along this afternoon while she runs errands. They are dumb. And so going to be caught. But probably not until sweeps.

Jonathan contemplates a frozen gel pack before stuffing it down his pants. Dino calls to tell Jonathan that the party is off. Jonathan is relieved, because it means that he won't have to use his cancer-ridden penis. Jonathan promises to call everyone with the news.

Jackie and Other Friend shop at the clothing store where Deborah works. Deborah offers to let Jackie use her employee discount on a sparkly pink camisole. The phone rings, and it's Jonathan telling Deborah that the party is off. She tells everyone in the shop that the party is off. Jackie is sure that now Dino will call and want to go out, and she doesn't sound happy about it. Deborah gets back on the phone and asks Jonathan when they're going to get together. Jonathan glances at his icy genitals and says that he's not feeling well. Other Friend interrupts the conversation to declare that the party is back on, at Jackie's house. Jackie doesn't want that. Other Friend says that if Jackie "takes Dino's party," it'll show that she doesn't need him. I think Other Friend just wants to drink some beer. Jackie agrees. Deborah relays the info to Jonathan, explaining that she plans to see "all of [him]" at the party. Jonathan glances down again (at his penis!) and gulps.

Dino asks his parents what they're doing tonight. Dad says he has work to do. Dino leans against the doorway and suggests that they open a restaurant like his Dad has been suggesting. He looks to his mom for support, who offers it out of guilt. Dad wants to name it "Michael & Sons Ribs," but Dino thinks it should be called "Sonny's." So, wait. Just because Dino, their teenage son with no restaurant experience, made this suggestion, now they are actually going to do it. Like just saying you want to open a restaurant makes it a good idea. Or a profitable one. Dino and his dad attack E.B. and wrestle with him while Mom sits on the couch and laughs. She asks Dino if he's going out tonight. Dino asks if she is. She says carefully that she's staying right there. Dino's phone rings. It's Jonathan explaining that the party is now at Jackie's. Dino can't believe she didn't call and tell him herself. Jonathan says he might be a little late to the party and looks down his pants again, then pulls out the ice pack.

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Life As We Know It




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