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Pilot Junior

Dino spots Sammy Hagar making the moves on Jackie. Jackie looks right at Dino to make sure he's looking before moving in for a kiss. Dino walks over and breaks it up. Sammy points out that it's Jackie's decision to make. Dino shoves Sammy and a fight starts. Everyone rushes in to break it up instead of standing around and chanting, "Fight! Fight! Fight!" Jackie orders Dino out of her house, and Ben and Jonathan follow.

Outside, Dino struggles to go back in and talk to Jackie, and Ben yells at him and asks what's wrong. After much begging from his friends, Dino finally admits that he busted his mom with Coach Scott. Ben and Jonathan are blown away. Dino starts crying. Ben freezetalks that this is so weird, because he's never seen Dino cry. Dino freezetalks that he can't believe he's crying in front of him. Jonathan freezetalks that Dino would always be there for him, and now Jonathan can return the favor. Jonathan announces that he went to the hospital because he thought his penis was going to explode. Ben and Dino start cracking up and making fun of Jonathan, as usual. This breaks the tension. Dino asks Ben if he has anything to share with the group. Ben thinks it over and says there's nothing interesting going on with him. Ben apologizes to Dino, and Dino asks them not to tell anyone. Jonathan gives Dino a hug Dino starts to walk home. Ben and Jonathan look at each other like "Dude" before taking off.

Dino arrives home and lets himself into the house. He finds his dad sleeping on the couch in front of the hockey game on television. Dino shuts off the TV and puts a blanket over his dad, taking the parental role. Dino sits on the couch next to his father, like, who wouldn't wake up? I guess Dino's dad is a sound sleeper.

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Life As We Know It




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