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Once outside, Hunt would like to know what's eating Sam Tyler. Or as he puts it: "What the hell are you thinking?" Sam is thinking that Hunt's a crooked cop and that Casso basically runs the 125. Hunt snorts at Sam to knock off "the self-righteous crap" -- any money he gets from Casso goes back into the street to pay off informants. It's called circulating cash flow, and it's the hallmark of a strong economy. Sam reminds Hunt that his sometimes-you-gotta-get-your-hands-dirty philosophy is of little consolation to the dead women fished out of the East River. Perhaps, Hunt counters, Sam would care to dig up some evidence to support these unsubstantiated accusations. In the meantime, Hunt will merely content himself with the 8-by-10 glossies of Sam's close encounters with Adrienne -- Casso handed over the duplicates just now. Sam protests that he's been set up. Well, it will certainly look real enough to Internal Affairs, Hunt helpfully notes, should Casso ever decide to pass those photos along. "I came here to clean up your bad mess, Tyler," Hunt gripes. "Show some gratitude." I sense a lucrative line of Hallmark cards coming out of this -- the "Thanks for convincing the local mob boss not to blackmail me" collection. It'll be bigger than the Administrative Assistant Day!

His options for protecting Ma Tyler becoming increasing limited, Sam pays Rose yet another visit. He knocks on the door and when she opens, he hands her over an envelope containing his savings. Now, wait a minute -- does that mean that Sam has a 1973 bank account? If so, why isn't he investing that money in stocks that he knows are going to take off in the next few years? Or perhaps he rounded up the money in other, more unsavory ways? Maybe he's now turning tricks for Casso. Or perhaps he went to a loan shark himself. The mind reels at all the delicious possibilities. Anyhow, the idea is that Rose take the money and get out of town. (Or use it to pay off Profaci? This is not an option?) But Rose declines Sam's generous offer -- Pa Tyler called, and he's got the money to pay off the loan. Sam frets that money may not be what Profaci and Casso are after at this point -- think Merchant of Venice and flesh, pound of.

When Sam returns to his apartment, there's a note waiting for him. From the sound of the voice-over and the helpful flashback to her lounging around the apartment topless, we soon learn that it's a note from Adrienne. She's been doing some thinking in regards to the horrible direction her life has gone in and decided that Sam's right -- she's gonna go home to Mom. Oh, and if that's not enough to put a smile on Sam's face, let's try this -- Casso keeps "a serious stash of drugs in his credenza" so maybe he can arrest Casso for that. Because as we all know, serious stashes of drugs should always be kept in the buffet. P.S. -- here are some negatives of Sam and Adrienne exploring their sexuality. Please burn after gawking.

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Life on Mars




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