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Casso having been perp-walked out of his own club, Hunt and Sam return to the 125th Precinct to cheers and slaps on the back from the other grateful detectives. Hooray! We're not on the take any more! And all it took was three dead bodies to convince us to be sort of on the up-and-up. Cynical? Perhaps, but this whole now-we-can-hold-our-heads-up-high-again wrap-up seems a little pat to your recapper. Anyhow, while the other detectives head off to drink a toast to their newfound reputability, Sam pulls Annie aside to apologize for that thing with the nudity and the handcuffs and the frisky hooker. No worries, pal -- Annie's learned that it was all a set-up. "You did good tonight, Tyler," Annie tells him. "Every cop in this house is gonna walk a little taller tomorrow." Of course, they can. "You know," Annie continues, "I thought if I ever saw you naked, it would be under very different circumstances." That's a much better line to end this scene on.

But not the episode just yet -- we get a musical montage set to one of the Beach Boys' non-fun!-fun!-fun! songs in which we see some of the key players in this drama reacting to recent events. Hunt is swilling from a hip flask out under a bridge, with his drinking companion -- a paper bag full of rolled-up money, not unlike the wad Profaci tried to shove in Sam's hand. And he's burning the money, ladies and gentlemen. That's going to disappoint a lot of police informants. Hunt's monetary sacrifice is intercut with shots of Ma Tyler pacing about in her red dress looking weepy. She snaps out of her sad reverie when Li'l Sam calls for her. She puts Sam to bed and tells him that he's going to grow up to be a good man. We then cut to shots of the fully grown Sam walking down the streets of 1973 New York as if to say, "Damn right I am, ladies."

Get a load of our vlogger's totally uninformed take on the show with our Life On Mars: No Prior Knowledge video clip.

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