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So Colin is free to go, and neither Sam nor Maya appear to be taking it well. The former is poring over evidence in the Colin Raimes case; the latter is taking a more pro-active approach, tailing Raimes all by her lonesome and calling in updates to Sam on her cell phone. "Why are you doing this, Maya?" Sam demands. It's the diary entry, Maya says, specifically the part about him holding her for "30 hours, just the same way." "It's like he's trying to impress someone," Maya concludes. Well, who are you trying to impress, missy, following a suspected serial killer with no official go-ahead or backup? Turns out the answer appears to be Sam. "I'm a cop first and foremost, Sam," Maya pouts, "and you made things real clear earlier." So... you're endangering yourself because your boyfriend is shy about meeting Dr. Huxtable and the missus? That seems... odd. And also foolhardy, since Maya is so intent on chiding Sam for his commitment issues that she doesn't notice that Colin's noticed her. At any rate, it's a bad time for Maya to hang up her cell in a snit.

And things get remarkably worse from there. The Detective Formerly Known as Freamon comes up to Sam to report that Colin has a twin brother, Lawrence, who also happens to be a degenerate gambler. That would explain the presence of the other David Caruso look-a-like on the casino surveillance tape. So the good news is that Colin is the serial killer, after all. The bad news is that Maya's gone missing, and all that appears to be left of her -- other than all those A Different World reruns is a bloody shirt left on a Brooklyn playground -- you know, like Colin's earlier victims. "What the hell was she doing here, Sam?" the Detective Formerly Known as Freamon demands. What the hell, indeed?

To answer that question, Sam takes off for Colin Raimes' apartment, his jeep's siren blaring and the iPod-hooked-into-the-stereo blasting... David Bowie? Well, that's one choice for the soundtrack to be playing when you're one your way to rescue your beloved from a stone-cold killer. I might have gone with something rageful from Metallica or even some Isaac Hayes. Then again, I'm not the main character in a show pondering the big questions about existence and reality so "Life on Mars?" off the Hunky Dory album will do just fine as the background music. "Hold on, baby, I'm coming," Sam mutters, as he pulls up across the street from Chateau de Serial Killer. But before he can stride across the street to dispense some two-fisted justice, he's called back by the police radio to account for his whereabouts. Sam returns to the call, picks up his radio, and resumes his trip across the street... only this time, he's plowed into by a speeding motorist.

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Life on Mars




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